The secret do business within one year of micro numbers how to do monthly water about 2000000

today to share with you a real micro business case, in fact, I have always wanted to write an article for her, because I basically witnessed the rapid development of micro business on the whole process. From the first half of about 300000 a month before the sales growth, now more than about 2000000 monthly flow, hundreds of agents and distributors, who is she? She is how to do? What is the secret? I believe many of my friends want to know, want to know her a micro business growth story.


photograph: this hero – sister Mandy Junsao nest

in fact, before this article, she has appeared in my article many times. She is "bird’s nest sister" and also a member of our Chai family. My acquaintance with bird’s nest is interesting. I remember that day at 2 in the morning, I just wake up, habitually pick up the phone to see WeChat. The bird’s nest sister received private messages, ask me how to add firewood son, how much money and so on such a problem? I thought, this is also in the dead of night, people want to be a member, I seriously and she chatted. In the chat process, I found that bird’s nest sister is particularly smart, but also special business, first tell your story, and then draw a cake for me, and finally asked me if I can give you a little discount. Ha ha, look, is a seasoned shopping mall ace. I value it too, and I have confidence in her products. I hope she can join us.

bird’s nest sister is how to embark on the road of micro quotient

bird’s nest sister told me the name was changed after she read my article. Us sister she is a wife, is a story of a woman, she graduated from university to work in a commercial bank in Shenzhen, and later married the army officer, resigned in a small town, opened a clothing store and wedding dress shop, the business is very good. Later, with her husband’s work transferred back to the city, entered a securities company. Because in daily work, often exposed to some tyrant, which also accumulated some of her network resources, but also how to deal with the tyrant and how. In order to make good use of their own resources, as well as their own interests, began to start a bird’s nest business. According to the original idea is to prepare for the exhibition in Tmall fists, I did not expect the East is not bright, the west is bright, bird’s nest sister in the field of micro business created its own new horizons.

how did it begin to develop,


has just started selling tens of thousands of dollars a month on WeChat, but not a lot, because the bird’s nest price is high, so sales seem a bit high. Bird’s nest sister believes that to do good micro business, we must continue to learn. When Southern China six less in the micro business industry red up, bird’s nest sister began to pay attention to this since the media alliance. At the beginning, he added Yu Xiaohua, Yu, who was very helpful and recommended her "WeChat". Because more Xiaohua is responsible for recruiting candidates for personal marketing business, this is relatively small, so he recommended to know my sister’s nest. Bird’s nest sister, she said, spent a week constantly

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