Too many think actually ruined the novice webmaster career

website is not an easy thing to do, believe this, we all feel the same way. But on the Internet, cock wire counter attack case or prompted more and more young people began to join the webmaster industry, looking forward to one day can realize their golden dream. Perhaps this kind of eager for quick success and instant benefit leads us to be impatient in the process of actual operation, and the grasp of things is not accurate. Some of the mentality of "thought" began to emerge, until the end of the road of the webmaster ruined many novice.

always thinks he can’t do big things. He just starts thinking about the

I personally do not agree to do everything with successful Chengren mentality, this will give you too much pressure, but I think the best is what we have to do. Although the Internet is now grappling with some serious resources, cross product chain indeed let us lose a lot of development opportunities, plus some enterprises because of their own interests to our webmaster website operation, now is not good to do well. But this means no chance? Obviously not, as grassroots we do have a lot of disappointments, but you can be sure that the grassroots still has its own wisdom, some small areas can become our ample opportunities. Most encyclopedia, electric grid and Lu Songsong which is not a root of fortune, so we need to have confidence in ourselves, if the first day lose confidence, do not feel big, so goodbye.

thought that Baidu algorithm optimization method of multi

mean what one says, taboo

for site optimization means, I think you must be more proficient than I, in my side also has a lot of love into such technology friends, "SEO notes," network marketing "webmaster optimization guide" and so on, but the study is more a part of people do not score, and I’m not just laughed at them we feel sometimes limit themselves in a too small circle, and can not look at the website optimization flexible. For example, the addition of FLASH will affect the site access speed and included, some friends will ask yourself if you want to add, and the website UI function can enhance the user experience, but it will also bring the increase of MYSQL database operation lead to confusion and even garbled, so this time not to realize UI function is to hold some uncertain attitude. I just want to say, for the official ranking algorithm has not given a clear mechanism, we are all operating methods are based on experience, that is to say as long as is not excessive, many techniques can be achieved, even the black hat can try, why? Why have said that the black hat also is not an absolute limit, as long as it does not involve the moral bottom line, some benign black hat can achieve the same.

always think Baidu ranking is brand appeal, relax line to expand

pursuit of traffic and ranking is every grassroots webmaster label, you can say that this is not what misunderstanding. After all, traffic is the basis for the long-term development of the site, but simply look at the rankings

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