Cook with sign Malatang join the fare

delicious cook signed hot and spicy to join the project, has been very hot. Want to start a successful business franchisee, hurry up!

signed a new concept of " cooked spicy hot ice", breaking the traditional Malatang industry because of the season, operating hours, the limitation of. Winter winter summer is the summer eat, eat, eat in the market should double, by many consumers, four hot constantly file! And the price of civilians, quality standardization, modernization of management and other advantages, wrote Malatang said, the theme of the Bashu culture achievement Malatang brand.

one, join the cost of how much

cook sign hot and spicy shop to join the cost of 19 thousand and 800 yuan; cook a sign of hot and spicy shop to join the standard fee of $29 thousand and 800; cook a sign to join the flagship store costs $39 thousand and 800.

two, brand margin

according to the level of the franchise fees, of hot wine shop signed a margin of 5000 yuan, standard store margin of $10 thousand, flagship store margin of $20 thousand. (after the expiration of the contract, there is no breach of the agreement to join the agreement, the deposit refund)

three, preparation start-up fee

1.2 million yuan. Operating expenses refer to the expenses of the enterprise during the period from the date of approval of the enterprise to the beginning of the period of production and operation (including trial production and trial operation).

2. includes the preparation of personnel wages, office fees, training fees, travel expenses, printing fees, registration fees and not included in the purchase and construction costs of fixed assets and intangible assets of exchange gains and losses and interest expenses.

four, license fee

2000-4000 yuan, including business license, health permits, health certificates, tax documents, etc. (fees vary according to different regions of the standard).

five, kitchen equipment costs

3 million yuan. The main is a refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, lampblack machine, disinfection cabinets, stove gas stove, table [], there are small items: stainless steel bowl, cutting board, spatula etc..

six, housing rental

6000 yuan / month, according to the housing into a new level, orientation, facilities, construction quality, construction technology, housing is located, address the surrounding environment directly affect the housing value and use value of factors to determine the rent.