n order to protect others were seriously wounded Huanggang police body bomb

is the beginning of three, Huanggang, a police officer to protect others were severely injured, he was about to explode in the soil bomb, with his body pressed forward, to avoid greater casualties.

2016 February 10th, 9 am, is led by the street patrol Wu Jun received the instructions: "please quickly rushed to the village of spring town, the village of the group of 8 support, the scene of the explosion occurred in the."

Wu Jun lead the SWAT team members rushed to the scene, I saw a triple adobe house, South police station and the room is a middle-aged man with a confrontation. Men from time to time to open the door from the outside thrown explosives, with the bang bang bang, the soil was blown splash, smoke everywhere. All of a sudden, people near to the hut.

Wu Jun seriously. Fortunately, Wu and his mother were rescued, a large number of fireworks inside the house was not ignited detonated, the surrounding villagers near no injuries.


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