Seize the opportunity to build fast food chain intermediary companies are Chinese

graduated from the Xi’an Jiao Tong University Qin Hailu, founder of the Xi’an seven rainbow catering Co. Ltd., is committed to creating a "China first fast food agency", by the end of 2004, her company profits exceeded million.

2000, Xi’an Jiao Tong University Communication Graduate Qin Hai Lu smug, but half a month, she did not find a suitable job. Less than 500 yuan in her pocket, she is not willing to find parents for help, how to do? One day, tired of walking, Qin Xiang turned to a fast food restaurant to eat fast food. The boss caught sight of her resume and laughed. Before leaving, the boss handed her a business card, so that she has difficulty contact. Back to the residence, hesitated for a long time, Qin Hai Lu finally dialed number, politely asked: "your fast food shop, also need people?" "You can come to work at any time!"

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