How to join the fat

what is the risk of food on the market there is a saying that "a person’s hot pot", in fact, is a person can still eat hot pot, not many people just a few good. Thousands of people like hot pot, cooking food is able to tap the potential consumers of snacks. Open a shop of their own food, venture to join the election what project?

fat needs to join

is a set of best fat take food delicious, healthy, fashionable and convenient integration, maximize the realization of the characteristics of modern fast food, consumers can choose their own bottom material, seasoning, can package can be a single point, fresh free collocation,

Hot pot!

stores all is best at the fat man design bar with the high chair, sitting comfortably in the top, or with a companion or chat alone is delicious, let a person feel very comfortable. Desktop fashion dining atmosphere and dining system benefits not expensive, every meal time, store patrons full sometimes need Paihao, the extent of its popular visible

food expert analysis, the need for fat food is not accidental, there is a profound background and social roots, and the following characteristics help brothers and rivers to become the new favorite of Chinese fast food:

fatty food is a kind of suitable for a variety of consumption levels of food and beverage forms, there are enough consumer groups. Eat Hot pot to spend less money can eat well, eat the rich is not Diaojia Hot pot.

fat needs to meet the needs of modern food consumption diversification trend, in line with modern needs. Eat Hot pot is semi self-help in nature, which can satisfy the modern people to love the fun of himself, and each one takes what he needs. Eat Hot pot, but people can enjoy Shabu Shabu, dieters can rinse vegetables, hungry anxious people who eat noodles can rinse.

join process

address: site selection in the District, commercial street, the major cities of economic prosperity, schools, restaurants, etc..

investment analysis: the company generally recommended area of 30 to 80 square, the amount of investment in accordance with the specific circumstances of the region may be

store decoration: the company is to send professionals to guide the investigation of the franchisee decoration, the designer is responsible for the guidance of the store decoration, store decoration all costs borne by the franchisee.

signed a contract with the franchisee: by unanimous negotiation, (to ensure that each store our taste, we are Unifi Inc ingredients) the contract period of three years, three years after the expiration of free.

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