Shaanxi Qingming Memorial Huang Di

all over the country in the Qingming worship, Shaanxi Huang Di memorial ceremony in the great scenes, to fully display the China national traditional culture, let us work together to enjoy this grand sacrifice!


Qingming occasion, bingshen (2016) years Huangdi tomb memorial ceremony was held in Huangling County in Shaanxi province Xuanyuan square, red net reporter scene to witness the ceremony. In the drizzle, thousands from home and abroad gathered all the children of the Yellow Emperor in the tomb before, see the "dragon" vacated, Huaxia jubilation, all personnel involved in offering Xiang Xuanyuan as the Yellow Emperor bowed three times, and visited the Xuanyuan temple, pay homage to the tomb.


as the Chinese civilization spiritual identity, the tomb has highlighted its irreplaceable role in the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese people inspire patriotism and national confidence and cohesion on global chinese.

the tomb has always been the first mausoleum "reputation. The Han Dynasty had visited the mausoleum of worship, Tang and Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty had held the festival in the tomb of the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations will be recorded on bridge hill held the yellow emperor worship into the national system. The tomb tomb memorial activities which is the country’s event, Qingming memorial activities highlight the sons and daughters of the flesh and blood is thicker than family, is the charm of national culture, enhancing national cohesion of the festival.

in the year of his will, Xi Ma will write Oration: Xi club, Wuzhen poly, remarkable siblings; within global interconnection." The funeral oration as follows:

"However, in April 4, 2016,


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