The Enlightenment of Mars rescue to entrepreneurs

Mars rescue recently released in the mainland of China, science fiction scholar Wu Yan said the film is suitable for China’s Internet community to observe. But there are also entrepreneurs believe that it is especially suitable for entrepreneurs to watch, it is a bowl of delicious good chicken soup.



if you are an entrepreneur, just some of narcissism, the viewing process could vaguely see the shadow of their own. May wish to compare several aspects.

in most of the time, in this piece of experimental field of watney Mars on every act and every move created, even human every twinkle and smile, "the first time", he knew that "I was doing something very special, I was on Mars every step of climbing every hill, every a mark, are billions of years of human history, the first step." (some people questioned, humans consume massive resources to save a person worth? In fact, because of a variety of "first", the value of scientific research has brought watney enormous).

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