Suitable for housewives to do the venture project sugar cane planting bagged Flammulina velutipes

who says housewives can’t start a business? Who says housewives can’t do something about themselves? Now a lot of housewives at home, want to find a free time to make money in their own projects, today to introduce you, do not have to go out, you can find the opportunity to make money on their own balcony!

she is simple Subei people, standing there is not conspicuous; about the operation of the road is a few words, but to love someone how to do the market. Her name is Huang Xinmei, her dedication, studious, she pushed the ranks of entrepreneurs. Yesterday, she went on the business hall, with her – and tender, like a long umbrella like bagged mushroom, caused by the attendees sought.

but let Huang Xinmei confused, her lack of market experience. There are times, it was recommended that she went to the kindergarten door to sell, sell 20 bags, the results of the buyers do not trust and returned to the bag, which makes her very sad. She doesn’t understand why the good mushrooms don’t sell Compared with greenhouse mushrooms, she does not put any auxin, taste delicious; the price is not expensive; parents can teach their children a lot of intuitive knowledge. Yesterday, she put the emerge in its totality side edge about many questions, consult an expert. Huang Xinmei said that after planting mushrooms, her life was much more fulfilling. What do housewives do at home? She said the need for winter lily species, and Ganoderma lucidum and other high-grade mushrooms need hot days, so she can do all year round. In particular, Ganoderma lucidum, long growth cycle, beautiful appearance, >