The advantage of losing should decide on what path to follow

people are feeling, time changes, people have changed. In the business world is also true, ups and downs is inevitable. That year, once the leader in the B2C market Dangdang, but now has become a follower of the B2C market, laggards. Even with the leader "face", and even the pace of progress has become gradually slow up, step by step, for fear of being eliminated by the market turmoil.

China released by electronic commerce research center, Ai Rui, Analysys and other institutions, on 2013 Chinese B2C market share report, the current market share of only 1.4%, behind Tmall,, Jingdong, Tencent, China electricity, Amazon Shop No. 1, ranked eighth. In the rise of mobile electricity providers today, perhaps Dangdang market share ranking will fall even lower.

and falling market share relatively, too horrible to look at the share price. Vaguely remember, Dangdang was listed at the time of the price is about $16, opened a nearly $30. That time the Jingdong, the valuation of only $1 billion (now has become nearly $40 billion), can be seen at the time of its market position and the degree of popularity.

disappeared valuation

the reason, or because of the change of the market. The successful listing in, get $200 million, suddenly a lot of hot money into the business market, feel that this is a piece of gold, throw in some money can make money, including a large number of coal bosses bring funds into the field of electronic business investment, time providers become the object of pursuit of capital, Jingdong, 1 shop No. 1, the city dimensional network, where customers and other types of business has been a huge amount of money.

to Dangdang rival Jingdong as an example, it will get $375 million in financing by the end of 2010, the ratio of hard financing funds more than Dangdang book. In the next 3 years, Jingdong continued financing, through the sale of subsidies to achieve rapid growth, and now it has not even Dangdang as competitors.

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