Jiangsu government decentralization simplify entrepreneurial formalities

for many entrepreneurs in the business, often need to handle a lot of procedures, the government in the past few formalities such tedious, many programs need to go and spend a lot of time, but now can not worry about this problem.

2010 and 2011, Yang Yang has registered advertising and e-commerce companies, from the name, domain name for the record, verification of the accounting firm, to do tax registration, business license, organization code certificate and a series of procedures, but also pay a variety of intermediary service fees, for these things, Yang Yang ran after a more than a month.

with decentralization and accelerate, Yang Yang feel the entrepreneurial environment changed a lot. The commercial system reform, tax registration certificate, business license, organization code certificate of "three in one", before the "multiple windows to run back and forth into a window on the run, all intermediary costs dropped significantly; the reform of the tax system," replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) "after the company’s tax burden reduce half; online government affairs hall the operation of administrative power, matters delegated to cancel many things, not be able to run out of Rugao.

In fact,


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