How to promote sales after joining the dry cleaners

dry cleaners is very hot in the development will be in the second half, so many people have chosen to join the clothing store, but the next step we have to face a problem, that is the promotion of the problem, only to their own people will break out the brand consumption of your products.

1: the outside promotion clerk to distribute leaflets, promotional single; the establishment of promotion platform, dry cleaning franchise in the early opening to hire Miss promotions on the site promotion, or the establishment of the customer advisory Taiwan promotions for interpretation, etc..

2 try washing activities: This is a basic way of brand marketing, especially in the early opening or opening of the laundry, dry cleaning can join the rapid establishment of brand image. Specific methods include ex gratia, try to wash, free, and so on, such as the first day of the store to customers free of charge.

3 since advertising: the type of advertising investment is small, quick, contact the target can be a higher probability of households. A widely used marketing model for the service industry. Specific operations: the production of pop billboards or light boxes, signs, etc., dry cleaning shop in front of the store. This allows guests to see back and forth, good results.

4. gifts: gift giving is targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. Dry cleaning gifts not only to create a brand awareness, but also to consider the promotion of brand reputation, with their own brand image closely linked.

5. group services: targeted for individual groups outside the promotion, dry cleaning join this can expand the scope of business, improve visibility. At the same time, sales can also be turned into interactive sales, expand the scope of business, increase turnover.


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