Chen Yangxie joined the whole packet how Decoction

has always been the consumer love soup food items, of course, crab soup is more popular with consumers, investors will also favor. Chinese catering market crab Tang Bao then choose what brand is better? Small as you recommend Chen Yangxie Tang bao.

Chen Yangxie soup package since its inception, won the public’s recognition and love. In addition, Chen Yangxie Tang Bao’s advantage is pleased for the benefit of small investors to join many. Of course, want to join, we must first understand the Chen Yangxie Tang Bao jiamengfei, next, small will take you to learn more about.

Chen Yangxie Tang Bao joining fee between five to one hundred thousand, Chen Yangxie Huang Tangbao, the spirit of innovation, the concept of green health, Chen Yangxie Tang Bao launched special fashion catering chain, since its establishment has successy opened 25 stores, each stores have a good income. Chen Yangxie Tang Bao is thin skin, stuffing, thick soup, Gumi Jung, delicious health effects, thus Chen Yang crab Tang Bao is a worthy choice of the brand to join.

Chen Yangxie Tang Bao joined? Join the brand has the following advantages:

brand: Chen Yangxie Tang Bao, to create "thousands stores" brand effect, through the establishment of brand advantage to transfer all kinds of business information to the terminal consumers.

technical advantages: the company’s unique technical content, non authorized parties can not imitate and copy. Ensure the core competitiveness of the project.

distribution advantages: the main raw materials and image products through the production base of the distribution center, the distribution of outlets throughout the country unified distribution.

training advantages: a strong technical team to bring you training, on-site guidance, and throughout the entire business activities.

supervision advantage: the supervision and guidance of the regular and irregular, the various sales outlets to carry out business activities in strict accordance with the standards of the headquarters and norms, guarantee the quality of products in order to ensure the stable and rising sales.

The advantage of

Management: close relationship and operation management system so that "Chen Yangxie Decoction" both outlets, stores or stores are also able to share cooperation and normal operation specification.

is the cost of joining the brand, is a relatively low cost, but also for the majority of franchisees to join a project, if you want to start a business, you quickly join the brand it!

if you really want to join the idea of the brand, please leave a message below our website, see the message will have our staff contact you, but also for you to push

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