Squid catering to join advantage

is one of the necessary food in the west after dinner dessert, give you a warm dining environment dotted with the last hint of sweetness. With the growing popularity of Western food in china. Dessert has become one of the necessary food in people’s lives. Squid food from Hongkong, it inherits the exclusive production process, and according to the demand of the market, in product and management mode, the continuous innovation, and gradually formed a unique style, has a good reputation among consumers.

squid based on maintaining the original characteristics of catering products on the continuous innovation in the production. After years of market practice to explore a new "creative Hong Kong Style dessert" to determine the brand’s unique business model and market positioning. Squid with healthy diet culture creative desserts Chinese and Western, quickly set off a whirlwind of high-end fashion dessert in the market.

squid catering to join advantage:

unprecedented strength: diversified industry group’s parent company has a strong capital strength and talent strength, is the industry’s most single catering management company unparalleled.

original idea: the only one in the field of Hong Kong Style dessert with a unique business philosophy and technology output brand.

product research and development: Creative Hong Kong dessert has the most powerful R & D team in the field and the central kitchen R & D center.

brand packaging: the company has the most perfect brand service system: from the store style, furniture design, plate devices and even plate pad, permeates the squid international brand image.

strongest advantage: one. Squid has the industry’s creative Hong Kong Style desserts the latest production technology, excellent taste, creative unique, creative way ahead. Making technology squid exclusive dessert Western meals and snacks creative, guarantee no idle all day long. The key raw materials and the deployment of squid provide recipe is the guarantee to produce key top taste creative Hong Kong style desserts.

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