Sharing with you from scratch

many people will complain: I want to start a business, but not enough funds to do? How to start a business? Many people ask this question, but the answer is very little. No cost of entrepreneurship, business can not be the lack of funds, if there is nothing, how do you do.

if there is no cost of business, you will first think of the method is what? No cost of entrepreneurship, the following we start from scratch, to tell you exactly how to do?

by "successive tactics" to bang out a multimillionaire

10 years ago, a company named "one plus one" clothing store quietly was born in Guangzhou, the boss is a 20 year old Chen Zhanhong.

10, "one plus one" by the development of a family garment workshop into fashion design company, and thus the formation of "one plus one" industrial limited company, not the cost of business, 10 years, Chen Zhanhong has become a self-employed by more than and 20 companies big boss, assets amounted to tens of millions of dollars each year, only export clothing earned 15 million dollars.

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