China’s top ten leisure apparel brands

different occasions, people will have a suitable dress, and each person’s dress style will not be the same, the choice of clothing style will have a great difference. In short, as a component of the Chinese clothing market, China has always had a very high popularity of casual wear. And in order to allow consumers and investors can make a better choice, Xiao Bian here to introduce China’s top ten leisure apparel brands, which can give people a better reference.

casual wear (Casual wear), is the people in their spare time in the activities of all kinds of clothing. Sportswear with a large proportion of the overlap, often interchangeable use. Cascual wear is also highly correlated with a modern lifestyle, emphasizing the quality of life, emphasizing the importance of leisure life values led to the popularity of casual wear.

the Chinese have no difficulty in accepting modern leisure life and leisure wear. With the implementation of the two-day weekend in the vast majority of areas, bowling, Cara OK, roller skating and other modern leisure activities are associated with the corresponding casual wear.

Chinese leisure clothing ten brands: Metersbonwe ranked 1 (local casual clothing brand leader, to young people aged 16~25 years for the target consumers, clothing chain retail listed company, Shanghai Metersbonwe garment Limited by Share Ltd)

Chinese leisure clothing ten brands ranked 2: Semir Semir (Zhejiang famous trademarks, leisure clothing ten brands, young fashion popular tide brand, Volkswagen / leisure / fast / fashion brand operators, Semir Group Co., Ltd.)

Chinese leisure clothing ten brands: YISHION YISHION (ranked 3 in 1997, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, located in the 18 – to 30 year old group of young, domestic famous and popular fashion retail brand, Dongguan YISHION Group Limited)

Chinese leisure clothing brand ranking ten JEANSWEST 4:JEANSWEST (Australia began in 1972, the well-known best-selling brand casual apparel, cost-effective mass tide brand, large clothing retail chain stores, JEANSWEST clothing (China) Limited)

ten China leisure clothing brand ranking 5: JACK&JONES Jack& Jones (started in 1990, for 18 to 30 year old love / casual wear design, men’s fashion and fashion design style, the Nordic simple Bestseller group)

China’s top ten brands of leisure clothing 6:UNIQLO excellent clothing >

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