How much money home investment kiln a of pig’s trotters

what do you like best of all kinds of cooked food? Presumably beauty of the girls will say trotters, yes, pig’s trotters contain a lot of collagen, it is suitable for girls to eat beauty. Of course, there are still a lot of love trotters. If you choose to open a pig trotters cooked food store will certainly be a good choice. So cooked food to join the election of what project is better? Xiaobian for you to recommend the kiln home trotters.

cooked food business opportunity to get rich, since it is necessary to take a good grasp of the opportunity, the home will bring you to get rich. Join the kiln home venture capital pig’s trotters not less, you know how much money to join a kiln pig’s trotters? A conservative estimate, at least 153 thousand and 300 yuan to join the kiln home pig’s trotters. How much is the home of the pig trotters to join the details are as follows, please continue to look at the following to do a comprehensive interpretation.

How much money does

need to invest at home?

because the actual situation is not the same franchisee, so join the investment situation is also different. To be clear, there are a lot of factors joining the investment situation, to join the city and region is one of the two outstanding representative factors, the table will do a more detailed presentation, please hurry to see


kiln home trotters join fee analysis:

stores     shop area; the cost of rent         equipment cost; pre   raw materials; advertising costs   utilities       liquidity; the total investment cost of

      image store; 65 square meters;         18 thousand and 200 yuan / month   45 thousand   25 thousand yuan             6000;     1800 yuan / month       226 thousand   80 thousand yuan;


          55;     15 thousand and 400 yuan / month to 40 thousand yuan           20 thousand;         5000;   >;

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