Hangzhou abandoned baby girl’s mother said she had a congenital disease

some people look forward to their children, some people have children but also abandoned. Recently, Hangzhou, a baby girl was abandoned supermarket, his mother said in a baby’s message that the child has a congenital disease, kindly kindly sent to the orphanage.

said that children and parents as closely linked as flesh and blood is mom and dad’s baby. But at noon yesterday, north of the city of Hangzhou Auchan supermarket mark two shop floor of a clothing counter, a man in a public occasion, secretly will be two or three months old baby girl in the baby stroller, since the departure.

adorable and beautiful

the baby’s clothes are the new clothes, and lying in a stroller, so we started that child’s parents may be to the side of the toilet. "We waited for a long time, but also did not see the child’s parents, went to the toilet asked a circle, and no one knows the baby girl, we call the police."

Will the baby stay in the supermarket

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