Anand as Anhui Province Drug ambassador to call for a ban on poison

hale and hearty image, a variety of hosting style, the spirit of optimism and gratitude…… Shenyang handsome Anand (Aixinjueluo Hu Nan) by the audience. This year, Anhui was appointed by the Anhui provincial drug administration as the ambassador of drug rehabilitation, set an example, practice, the bounden duty for endorsement.

1987 in June, the UN put forward the slogan — "love life held in Vienna attended by more than 3000 representatives of 138 countries, drug abuse and illicit trafficking ministerial meeting on drugs", by the end of 2014, China registered a total of 2 million 955 thousand drug addicts, estimates the actual number of more than 14 million. Anand believes that public figures should promote social justice, positive energy tree benchmark, "this is me as" Anhui Province as ambassador to the original intention of forbidden poison "."

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