Gansu equity trading center officially opened in the innovation of science and technology


of a society, want to let people have entrepreneurial ideas, you need to constantly increase the number of social enterprises to foster entrepreneurship, a good environment for the development of social enterprises, increasing business confidence.

8 19 afternoon, Gansu equity trading center officially opened in the innovation of science and technology, Department of Party members, deputy director attended the opening ceremony and the giant has a modest speech at the Provincial Department of high-tech investment company responsible comrades attended the launching ceremony.

the launching ceremony, the provincial department investment company for the use of the capital market and foster innovation driven lanbai fund of science and technology enterprises for the exchange statement. Province, as the provincial government authorized investment company, for SMEs to provide financing services and incubator construction of state-owned enterprises and market development in science and technology, shouldering the cultivation and support of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises. The next step will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Gansu equity trading center, in line with the conditions listed companies actively recommend listed equity trading center in Gansu, work together to create science and technology innovation ecosystem, by means of the market, to enhance the province science and technology innovation enterprise incubation support, give full play to the innovation of science and technology in the optimal allocation of resources the function of each other and service advantages, efforts to ease the financing difficulties of high-tech enterprises, providing a full range of services for scientific and technological innovation in enterprises.

The establishment of

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