Zhang Liang Malatang joined what conditions need to be met

to say in the hot chain brand what brand of fire, oh, it must be Zhang Liang hot. Zhang Liang hot and spicy has become a symbol of the brand, but also the quality of protection. Zhang Liang spicy hot on the quality of products is particularly valued, each layer of raw materials are layers of screening, to ensure that consumers can be assured at the heart of the Zhang Liang hot shop to eat. Nutrition headquarters to participate in professional master planning work will be all kinds of dishes, vegetables, meat nutrition reasonable collocation, achieve the value maximization, by the vast number of consumers unanimously sought, business scale expands rapidly, steadily improve operation efficiency, become the industry leader in malatang.

Zhang Liang Malatang choose a number of valuable herbs boiled into soup, sophisticated materials, Tommy weixian. In addition, a variety of vegetables, vegetables, fungi, algae and other green food with reasonable nutrition, by the healthy vegetarian pet. This product has a spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, long hemp flavor, aroma overflowing. of special spicy hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant perfect integration!

Zhang Liang hot and spicy is the industry leader, memorable, eat also want to eat, repeat customers and many, Zhang Liang hot investment, whether it is the consumer, or join the business, can not miss. If you are interested in the message, pay more attention to investment projects, a good life from sailing.

Zhang Liang hot spicy join conditions:

Zhang Liang hot pepper franchisee conditions must be:

a, the ability to independently bear civil liability;

two, voluntary application to join Zhang Liang hot chain system;

three, agree with the chain management concept and operation mode;

four, there are suitable for fast food sales place;

five, with the basic investment capacity (with a starting capital of 3 to 50 thousand);

six, has a good business reputation;

seven, agree with Zhang Liang catering company’s corporate culture, make sure that the brand of hot and spicy,;

eight, accept the management of the company headquarters, and can cooperate with the company to supervise the search work;

nine, love fast food industry, with entrepreneurial passion.

is a feature of Sichuan spicy delicacy, many consumers of spicy and delicious taste like, now on the market operation of Malatang brand is not a minority, but welcome them or Zhang Liang Malatang, which has a good taste and rich dishes not only capture the hearts of consumers, Zhang Liang spicy > has become hot

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