You make money to join the integration of ecological wall Heng Jie KEA good


venture choose to join the ecological integrated wall? Both environmentally friendly and healthy, it is the first choice to join the venture. Successful venture to choose to join the IKEA? Healthy home life, you deserve! So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

integrated ecological wall join money? Heng-Jie IKEA profit no dead. At present, our country is becoming a larger wall products market. China’s urban construction 500 million square meters per year, rural construction of up to 600 million square meters, public buildings up to 700 million square meters. According to the calculation of the walls and ceiling together accounted for the proportion of 30%, with 500 million square meters of wall decoration market in China every year. Honsjet IKEA ecological integrated wall quality and no one can, the industry leader, has been imitated, never surpassed.


IKEA 9 highlights: the integration of ecological wall 1, green environmental protection, healthy livable. 2, fashion combination, elegant taste. 3, class a fire, safety and environmental protection. 4, diamond quality, stable and reliable. 5, easy to install, namely live. 6, sound insulation and noise reduction, professional wall material, 7, moisture-proof mold, superior performance. 8, easy to wash, easy to deformation. 9, save space, 4D experience. Set off a buying spree in the market.

honsjet IKEA integrated wall products widely used ecological place and environment for families, offices, administrative buildings, hotels, bars, KTV, Leisure Center, hospital and School of the whole decoration engineering. Home outfit is installed, the technology is simple and easy to learn, low input high-yield, to ensure greater profit margins.

Heng-Jie IKEA ecological integrated wall profit without end, 1, promotional activities. 2, the development of subordinate agents. 3, and decoration design company. 4, and real estate developers to make money. 5, subsidiary business. 6, store money. 7, community direct. 8, micro channel management. 9, the portal cooperation. 10, resource marketing.

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