Give up her monthly salary to go home Entrepreneurship

everyone has their own way of life, some people live full, but some people live very empty, whether you choose what kind of lifestyle is your attitude to life is what kind of, there is a girl who is a white-collar workers a month’s salary on the yuan, but she wants to break through you can change you, so she chose to start their own business, now her annual income of nearly 400 thousand.

Jilin University

to Shenzhen into the world’s top 500 companies

2004, Zheng Yuan graduated from the Department of foreign languages, Jilin University. And many college graduates, she looked for a job, resume, kept going through the written examination, interview, and finally entered the world’s top 500 enterprises in Shenzhen. Received a letter of employment, she took his luggage, from Changchun to Shenzhen, began a nine to five daily life.

"I wanted to find a job to earn more money when I graduated." Zheng Yuan smiled and said, in fact, fairly smoothly, to enter the top 500 enterprises, she began to contact the real estate industry, and wages are relatively to meet her request, the average monthly salary of 8000 yuan -10000 yuan.

wages actually a lot, but then did not save the money down, because every week can not control the idea of buying things in Hongkong." She said. In this way, Zheng Yuan stay in Shenzhen for three years, but as a child grew up in Changchun, in different places, Zheng Yuan has not found a sense of belonging, she was very homesick.

and master of University of Cambridge friends together venture

annual revenue of 1 million 400 thousand

had the idea of home, Zheng Yuan began planning to return home to have a career of their own. "When I was in my vacation, I went back to Changchun, when a few good friends came back from abroad, and at the time of the party there was a suggestion that we should do something together when we were young." Zheng Yuan is very excited about it.

"my friends have been talking all the time, the last chat on the car seat." She said, everyone thinks that driving for a long time will have tired, wanted to study a massage machine, so we hit it off and start preparing for do business.

, "I just quit my job in Shenzhen." Zheng Yuan said, two young people together and their own are also 80, one of which is the master of University of Cambridge, is a master of Cambridge and Harvard University, and they all learned about and some electronic technology professional, so agreed on the development direction of the company, we raised 3 million yuan together in August 2010, the company opened.

"in entrepreneurship, recommend

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