Chain stores to meet the principles of commodity display

the same commodity, do a good job of display is far more attractive than a random one, so if you want to successfully open a chain store, naturally need to pay more attention to commodity display. Effective display of goods can cause consumers to buy, and to promote the purchase of action.

but all display can not violate the characteristics of consumer’s psychological activity, so the chain stores in commodity display must follow some basic principles. Here we introduce seven basic principles: profitability, display points, attractive, effective display, merchandise mix, at a glance, cleaning and other seven aspects.

profit principle

display must really help increase store sales.

strives to use the best location for the sale of the product.

should pay attention to the record of the specific display and display that can increase the sales volume.

constantly reminds store merchandise display to help profit.

display point principle

display: facing the master flow direction wall and the sight high shelf position (and so on both sides of the radiation view as the center of the 65 degree angle of the display surface covered by the main channel), near the cashier’s booth, booth are good display point.

promotional display point: welcome to the door of the booth, the long wall of the rear area of the display, the booth between the two main channels.

bad display point: warehouse (or work room) entrance, the corner of the bad lighting, deep shop bottom dead corner, too many small intervals between the shops and so on.

attraction principle

will focus on existing products to highlight the momentum.

will display the brand style and interests fully displayed.

with the space display, make full use of advertising to attract the attention of customers.

can promote the use of irregular promotional products can be used to strengthen the special offer means.

effective display principle

customers in the natural stand, reach the scope of about 180cm from the floor to start the 60cm range, this space is the effective display range. Therefore, the display of key commodities in this space is to increase sales secret

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