Long operation can get more profit Business

no matter what kind of business we operate, if only to keep his small shop, the business is not only the common commodity, fierce competition, and because goods are too monotonous and repetitive, earnings will become a problem. So, no matter what kind of business we carry out, if you can run long, I believe is able to earn more profits.

Zhang’s shop in the vicinity of the golden shoe factory, shoes factory workers in previous years, a return to their hometown, Zhang’s business is in a trough, especially deserted. Spring Festival to see other counterparts hot business, Zhang depressed.

before the Spring Festival this year, he went to visit my cousins in a densely populated, cousin is the Spring Festival business is too busy, can not find the right people to help.

cousin’s shop in the vegetable market, surrounded by a large number of residents, workers. In addition to the usual operation of cigarettes, wine, stationery, daily necessities, snacks, condiments, daily necessities, but also do fireworks retail license sales of fireworks. Annual Spring Festival fireworks business is very prosperous, cousin store several people are busy.

saw Zhang sad, cousin suddenly flashed a thought: why not two people cooperation? The brothers hit it off. Cousin is responsible for supply, Zhang is responsible for the sale of fireworks in the cousin store. So, the brothers in the store outside the store set up fireworks sales tent.

thirty Zhang left a person at home to see the store, the rest of the people went to the cousin shop to take out fireworks, has been busy until two o’clock in the morning.

and this is a busy day, fireworks sales of up to twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, the cost of removal, and a cousin of a few thousand people, far more than in previous years, the store’s revenue. The two brothers are particularly satisfied with the first cooperation, cousin said with a smile and look forward to the next year to continue cooperation.

if Xiao Zhang has been guarding his little shop, I am afraid that it is spent in sorrow, the same, if the cousin can not find Zhang this helper, will miss the opportunity to make money. So, the best of both worlds, long business, no doubt let both sides can make money, and this can also be a reference to the operators.

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