Changji Xinjiang municipal government to build entrepreneurial science and Technology Park

now, local governments are actively build some more suitable for people’s entrepreneurial business park, at the same time, the governments actively build that some business park is to let people realize an entrepreneurial goal better in such an environment of.

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it is reported that Markor and Changji national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, the implementation of the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", the government set up the stage of enterprise operation, strong combination, cooperate in the implementation of business science and Technology Park, covers an area of 88 acres, the end of the year officially completed, can accommodate hundreds of large and small enterprises in science and technology after the completion of all.

National hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Changji City, a /

Meike · Asia Europe business city covers an area of 2882 mu, ukwi adjacent to Changji high-speed road entrance, away from the fort Wo International Airport 12 kilometers, 20 kilometers away from Urumqi City, 5 kilometers away from downtown Changji, is designed based on the Urumqi Changji, Xinjiang, Eurasian radiation service, in the development of Xinjiang modern service industry demonstration zone   Changji City, South Metro area leading "appropriate industry livable should tour comprehensive modern city, the city of Changji city living room four functions, focusing on the development of leisure business, headquarters economy, home health, livable four core modules and many other functions in one of the new city center.

Such a business park in Xinjiang City, Changji


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