Days soft create magic cube the magic of the public space

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management activities began, all colleges and universities will be helping entrepreneurs as their own development plan of construction. Tianjin Institute of software has established a day called soft · create a Rubik’s cube of the public space, to create a large entrepreneurial ecosystem, so that enterprises in the steady growth of mutual support.

in a cube, innovation and entrepreneurship is a compulsory course. The "entrepreneurial inspiration" to start the coffee and the students brainstorm; "reliable" and a group of like-minded team entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship salon, business counseling good projects have the opportunity to emerge; venture capital funds, it is easy to let a lot of business services; project docking, docking talent make a better environment for the growth of entrepreneurial projects. Such a good entrepreneurial ecology, make entrepreneurial projects in the shot, the entrepreneurial star flash, currently gathered here hit 137 projects, Zhang Lei, Lin Biaoxiang, Xu Chuanchao and other stars are starting this venture.

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seed business

"in 2013, I first had the idea of entrepreneurship in school and enterprise training project, the teacher led us production project, the first product manager I have their own development and operation of a product." June 2014 graduated from the Bo Huaxing software engineering software institute, before graduation to set up his own company – Star Internet Technology Co. Ltd., this year with others co founded the "good cattle Network design". Not only do the training Zhenti really let him have the idea of entrepreneurship, but also served as product manager in project, the chief financial officer of different roles, but also let him have a basic understanding of how to manage a business operation.

software, with Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, iSoftStone and other famous enterprises, with new technology, new trends, new achievements for the lead, ask enterprises to participate in the curriculum; please Professor engineer with the university teaching; real teaching, let the students entering into each project group, to the employee’s role in learning in the development of real project. Such a talent training mechanism so that the school recommended

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