Entrepreneurial skills to improve marketing performance

thinking to open a successful clothing store, we also need to go a lot of effort, how can we create a suitable for everyone to taste the life of the store, improve our marketing performance?

1, how to make customers know our store?


2, how to make customers stay in front of our store for 3 seconds?

3, how to make customers stay and ask them into our store?

Of course,

to the customer in the shop, the store salesperson image is very important. The clerk must always keep smiling, smiling is very important, if you smile let customers feel that there is affinity, this invisible closer the distance between us and our customers, so that customers feel very warm; if the store clerk is very cold, it will allow the customer to produce "shop deceptive" feeling, so good customers are not in the window, who are not willing to go to a "kill", on


4, when the customer into the store how to make him interested in the product?

when customers come into our store, let him go to choose our products, do not like "night shadows" as always with the customer to use the eye behind the polite observation of customers, when his eyes and a hand to touch a piece of merchandise, the merchandise to prove that he has the initial interest. At this time our business

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