False propaganda to the supervision of the Ji’nan tourism began to enlarge trick

With the remarkable improvement of people’s living standard, people pay more attention to enrich their spiritual life. In the daily life,

becomes a hot topic! However, in order to actively promote tourism around the country, a variety of false propaganda constantly, so many people’s economy has been a loss. Reporters from Ji’nan City Tourism Management Department learned that the city increased administrative punishment, timely investigation of the organization to carry out "unreasonable low-cost travel behavior, 60 engaged in the wholesale tour travel agency to be interviewed and punishment.

it is reported that the Ji’nan Municipal Tourism Committee since the beginning of the November joint public security, industry and commerce, price, office and other departments, continue to promote the special rectification work. As of now, remove the allegedly false propaganda tourism web posts more than 150, more than 10 sending false propaganda posts to the forum ID to delete titles, tourist routes under the frame of more than 10 suspected illegal dishonesty tourism website, to nearly 60 engaged in tourism wholesale travel agency or branch and the same Cheng, the way cattle, donkey mother and other online travel enterprises in Jinan Company were interviewed, the implementation of administrative punishment, the city’s nearly 200 travel agencies have made a public commitment to integrity management play a "woodpecker" role in the establishment of the Joint Disciplinary mechanism.

after the initial concentration of Ji’nan city tourism enterprises to optimize the integrity of the market environment has been optimized, the comprehensive supervision of various departments and the provincial capital city regional law enforcement cooperation mechanism to be further strengthened. Next, the Ji’nan Municipal Tourism Commission and the County Tourism Bureau will continue in accordance with the work of the National Tourism Administration and the Provincial Tourism Commission issued the deployment, continue to carry out the work of unreasonable low-cost tour remediation.

tourism has become an activity of universal love, but for the regulation of tourism false propaganda is essential. Ji’nan began to enlarge the recruit, give play to the "tourism woodpecker", tourism volunteers and other social forces to strengthen supervision, supervision and reporting area unannounced visits; telephone set in the mainstream media, strengthen supervision and guidance; strengthen random deterrence, increase inspection efforts, the establishment of credit information publicity system of travel agency, with the relevant departments to establish credibility of travel agency joint disciplinary mechanism; intensify administrative punishment, timely investigation of the organization to carry out "unreasonable low-cost travel behavior.

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