Shangrao Committee Director Liu to guide the work of whole Sha town

in the 39 winter January 12th morning, Shangrao Municipal Committee Director Liu came to the town of Sha Tin to guide their work to a new round of work guidance, at the same time, the town of Sha Tin District Secretary Qi Zhongyou, District Committee Director Pan Ronghua, Sha Tin Town Party Secretary Nguyen has accompanied the bearing.

director Liu Weihua listened to the report of the work of the Secretary of the Party committee of the town of Sha Tin, sixteen, director of the village committee, director of the work of the reports on the work of Zhang Jianning. After listening to the report, director Liu Weihua y affirmed the work of the Committee of Sha Tin Town, and standardizing the work of the committee made several points stressed: one is to further improve the work of the Committee; two is to give prominence to the "big hand little hand, listen to the party, follow the Party’s activities, and as the main line and the starting point for future work the.

at the same time, combined with the socialist core values to carry out activities to continue to do the "old" education work, to continue with the precise poverty, twinning, continue to mobilize the community of caring people, return to the community; three is to adhere to the school is the main position for the next Generation Committee, firm belief to go with the party; four is the strict implementation of the grassroots focus on the work of the committee is to do practical things, good things; the five is that the Sha Tin Town Party committee and government attach importance to support the work of the Committee as in the past.

The arrival of the director Liu,

, promoted the progress of the work of Sha Tin Town, so that people see the progress of work in a short time. Sha Tin Town conscientiously implement the municipal and District Working Committee deployed around the center, serving the overall situation, to the "big hand little hand, listen to the party, follow the party activities as the carrier, the committee was established to commemorate the 25th anniversary as an opportunity.

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