A good choice to join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang

in the catering market, want better business, a better foothold in such a strong market competitiveness, and to choose to join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join, worthy of trust, it is worth choosing!

delicious string, very popular with the market, we all love this rich food, delicious snacks, which is a good thing to make money in the four seasons. Dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, brand strength, very competitive in the market, popular consumption has also attracted the attention of investors. Many investors want to join, then, what is the condition to dotey Chuanchuan Xiang? Can join


can now join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, dotey Chuanchuan Xiang joining conditions:

1. legal person, natural person or other organization. In the case of a partnership, the partnership shall not exceed three;

2. has a good business reputation and character, has committed to the cause of food and beverage development and toughness;

3. familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand, have a certain economic base and investment strength;

4. shops around the mature, suitable for catering; in principle, not less than 120 square meters (except for special circumstances);

5. identity dotey Chuanchuan Xiang business philosophy, to the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, law-abiding, standardized operation.

dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, let you eat Hot pot eat quickly, the house is on the market of the string of fragrant and delicious food, dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, the new business model, let you store enough novel, unique enough. Now the investment dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, simple operation, easy operation, four earned

achievement wealth dream!

small business to choose dotey Chuanchuan Xiang project, open their own dotey Chuanchuan Xiang stores, business is good to have nothing to say. If you are also very excited, hurry up! Successful entry of a good project!

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