North to private kitchens and small table for the record

June, the provincial capital of the north of the city of health and food and drug administration to start the first private kitchens and small table thoroughly and standardized management, as of now, has been implemented by filing system.

book corner, drawing room, lounge…… Into the north of the standardization of small table, clean dining and rest environment, so that parents are assured.

in Qilian is on the north side of the Bridge Road Primary School, community wutuo class. Into the more than and 100 square meters of the room, animated characters and flower stickers make people feel very warm. In the corner of the library, all kinds of children’s books and novels are put in order. "At noon, after dinner, the lower grade children take a nap, the older children can look at the book here, or to the drawing room painting, writing assignments." Wearing white overalls, said the staff.

in the kitchen, disinfection cabinet, steamer and other facilities are. In the dining room, the tables and chairs are brand-new. In the lounge, a small bed, with clean sheets, blankets folded at the end of the bed.

in a bookstore near wutuo class kitchen, washing dishes and dishes are separated, disinfection with the VAT is placed in the kitchen. Staff told reporters that they have been required to apply for a health certificate. After standardized management, parents rest assured that they operate also feel at ease.

for the specification of undocumented family style restaurant and small table business, from the beginning of June, north of the city set up a special inspection team to carry out supervision and inspection. In the inspection, but also a number of norms, a number of certification, ban a number of. During that period of time, we keep at the school gate every day registration, and then to check, regulate." North District, Zhang Shenghong, director of health supervision, told reporters, after Mopai, carried out centralized rectification, for all family restaurants and small table issued a rectification opinion.

after the three phase of renovation, the 4 "family restaurant" after rectification for catering service license, the rectification still can not meet the conditions of catering license 6, has suggested that the switch has been turned into the family hotel. For the 4 do not meet the conditions of food and beverage licensing, has been advised to ban. In addition, the area of 23 small tables have been completed for the record. (author: Wang Fulian)


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