Xining industrial and commercial crackdown on key areas of the area to conduct a comprehensive inspe

October 19th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce Bureau, Xining City Industrial and commercial system in the near future ", fake brand" special law enforcement actions, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau conduct a comprehensive inspection of the area of the market, shopping malls, supermarkets and other key areas, dealt with a total of 41 cases, destroyed two fake goods dens, a total value of $192 thousand and 400.

this special action, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau concentrated inspection of city community and suburban areas, all kinds of food wholesale markets, supermarkets, bazaars, trademark infringement and counterfeiting crackdown on grain, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, aquatic products, beverage, wine, medicine and clothing, footwear and other daily consumption goods. During the special enforcement action, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau inspection of all types of business entities, shopping malls, supermarkets, 1986 households (Department), seized suspected counterfeit "mutual aid" series of 259 bottles of wine, "Moutai" and "Wuliangye" series of 453 bottles of wine, "Wang Harbin wheat beer" 470 parts and all kinds of cigarettes were 35, "Amway" all kinds of nutrition 76 bottles, 33 pairs of glasses, "quantum Li" brand collar 50, "Moon Mountain" brand of 20 tons of cement, 333 bags of expired food (box), packaging, marking a total of 250 sets, 1 vehicles, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

October 19th, Xining City, north of the archives of historical archives exhibition. A large number of historical data with rich connotation, highlight different aspects of the north area of the long history and unique cultural resources.


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