Entrepreneurship expert Professor Li Jiahua was hired as a tutor at Northeastern University

entrepreneurship is entering the zero threshold era, learn to grasp the future development trend of the industry, to understand the risks and challenges faced by the business is very important, on this point may wish to refer to the views of outstanding business mentor. Entrepreneurship expert Professor Li Jiahua at the Northeastern University Nanhu forum for teachers and students in the day before, on the entrepreneurship development under the new situation.

11 in the afternoon of 21 March 3, the famous career education and entrepreneurship expert Professor Li Jiahua at Northeastern University Lake forum, Northeastern University hired as a business mentor, and at the science museum 206 rooms for the school teachers and students entitled "excellent" the ecosystem of entrepreneurship education from the perspective of the new economic norm of the seminar. From each school school of innovation and entrepreneurship education, innovation and entrepreneurship mentor and skills elective part of teachers and students’ innovative and entrepreneurial activities of the organizers, participants listened to the lecture. Zhang Lizhi, executive vice president of innovation and entrepreneurship Institute presided over the forum.

Study on the expertise of

professor Li Jiahua’s career education and entrepreneurship. In the "Youth" of "Chinese youth research", "higher education research", "contemporary education" and the people’s daily, Guangming Daily and other newspapers published in youth and education research reports and papers, presided over the provincial and ministerial level scientific research items.

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