Satisfaction survey tourists to Xining hit 75 69 points in the northwest of the second

recently, China Tourism Research Institute released "on the third quarter of 2012 national tourist satisfaction survey results", in the domestic 60 participated in the survey in Xining City, with 75.69 points ranked forty-second, ranking the five northwestern provinces of the capital city of second.

from the results of the survey report, the top three domestic tourism were Shanghai, Suzhou, Mount Huangshan. Shanghai satisfaction score of 86.49 points, higher than the Xining score of 10.8 points, the score is not high, indicating that the rankings are extremely competitive. Northwest city ranked the highest score for Xi’an, also failed to reach 80 points "satisfactory" value, showed higher levels of satisfaction are still mainly in the eastern city, according to the rankings, the third quarter of the higher satisfaction of the city is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta city group, the group and the West Bank city of Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration.

compared with the same period last year, Xining in the survey of the city’s ranking rose slightly, but can be seen by analogy, in 2012, Xining satisfaction score increased faster. Overall, the satisfaction score rose steadily, but from the overall ranking can be seen in the same region in the northwest, as a tourist destination, Xining has begun to stand out, tourism development advantages. (author: Wang Yalin)

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