Fire Department of the State Council inspection team feedback to the provincial government

from May 13th to 15, Song Xinchao, deputy director of the State Administration of cultural heritage, led by the State Council, the eighth assessment team to assess the province’s fire prevention work in the year 2015. 16 am, the assessment team feedback to the province, vice governor Han Jianhua attended and made a speech.

meeting, the assessment team pointed out that the Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to the work of fire, fire safety responsibility system to further improve the risk investigation and effective measures, fire safety special rectification effect is obvious. Fire investment continued to increase, public fire infrastructure to achieve a breakthrough. Police and fire departments at all levels to give full play to the role of staff assistant, thoroughly judged area fire safety situation, can solve the outstanding problems of fire safety, conducted a special report to the Party committee and government, provides an important basis and support for scientific decision-making. Governments at all levels and departments to fulfill the responsibility of fire safety industry. At the same time, the assessment team of responsibility for the fire work, fire control work responsibility, the construction of public fire protection facilities, government departments and social unit of fire safety the main responsibility for the implementation of the current and future work advice.

Han Jianhua said that the province will follow the feedback information about the examination group, to find and analyze one by one in order, one by one point, combined with the actual situation of Qinghai Province, the real issues surrounding the study and formulate rectification plan, implement the responsibility of departments, a clear division of tasks and the rectification period, earnestly implement the rectification. At the same time, the inspection as an opportunity to further strict, from the real requirements, to strengthen the Qinghai fire prevention work, and earnestly safeguard the overall situation of fire safety smooth.


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