Eastern atmosphere in the first quarter of governance effectiveness

The first quarter of this year, East District for the area construction, demolition site, road sweeping and cleaning area, sanitation infrastructure is weak and other practical difficulties, according to local conditions, comprehensive treatment, a quarter of the area of air quality in the city’s top monthly rise, air quality improved significantly.A

is the construction and demolition site pollution staring, impose heavy: the atmospheric environmental pollution control area in accordance with the "five 100%" requirements, do not comply with environmental requirements of the construction and demolition site resolutely shutdown rectification, rectification and qualified by the district government departments acceptance, party to start. At present, the region has more than 150 buildings and demolition sites were repeated dragnet inspection, for the resumption of the review process 52, issued a notice of suspension rectification, the 45. The construction unit who does not listen to greet, repeated repeated modification, the district take withheld construction machinery, administrative penalties, media exposure and other means, heavy regulation, do not stay dead. At the same time, the self financing of more than 100 yuan to purchase the dense net, no ground and Lanxi exposed on both sides of the highway land covered nearly 200 thousand square meters, construction sites, demolition sites, bare land dust pollution to achieve a comprehensive, three-dimensional control.

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