actively for 24 thousand disabled children warmth do practical things and solve problems

in May 15th this year is the twenty-sixth national day, this year’s theme is "caring for orphans and disabled children, let love down to the earth". In May 14th, the reporter learned from the provincial federations, provincial federations in recent years, to meet the special needs of disabled children in rehabilitation, education, social security as a priority among priorities for work, make great efforts to effectively solve, and achieved remarkable results.

more than 30 people with disabilities in the province, of which about 0-14 years old disabled children about 24 thousand people. Compared with the healthy children, disabled children have great obstacles in the development of physical, psychological and social adaptability, especially in the aspects of school and social life. To this end, our province has always been to protect the basic rights of children with disabilities as a bounden duty, has issued a series of security policy, targeted for orphans and disabled children’s warmth, do practical things and solve problems. "12th Five-Year" period, through the implementation of Chinese CDPF "colorful dream" plan of action for children with disabilities rescue rehabilitation and lottery rehabilitation projects and government purchase of rehabilitation services for the disabled, a total of 6146 passengers to get rehabilitation services for disabled children. Among them, the rehabilitation training 722, cochlear implant surgery and rehabilitation training for surgical treatment of limb 70 people, 204 people, 483 children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation training. The body of community family rehabilitation of children with disabilities 1291 people, 676 people with intellectual disabilities rehabilitation agencies, intelligence community family rehabilitation of children with disabilities 1706 people, 585 people received training for children with autism, 124 children with cataract, free of charge for 285 disabled children AIDS adaptation.

in the promotion of education for the disabled, and constantly improve the system, improve the mechanism, the implementation of 15 years of free education for the disabled children of all ethnic groups in the province (three years of preschool and senior high school in three years); disabled admitted to above average colleges provide tuition funding, so that disabled children to receive compulsory education universal. At the same time, the active rehabilitation of children with disabilities into the government purchase rehabilitation services for the disabled category, and gradually improve the rehabilitation of children with disabilities assistance standards, build public and private rehabilitation institutions designated 28 social organizations, and actively participating in the rehabilitation of disabled people has improved significantly, laid the foundation for the disabled children get the nearest handy rehabilitation service.

this year will continue to implement the provincial federations to aid the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and other key rehabilitation projects, to promote the establishment of rehabilitation assistance project for disabled children rehabilitation assistance system, in conjunction with the civil affairs, health and other departments to improve rehabilitation facilities in welfare institutions, enhance the ability to provide rehabilitation services for disabled children, orphans and disabled children aged 0-6 focus on the rescue through early intervention, rehabilitation, promote disabled children to improve physical function.


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