Be responsible and have the pursuit of developers

"Every developer, every designer, every architect wants to think: what have we contributed to the city? What have we left for the city? Can we stand up to the time, whether it can withstand the joint inspection of the public and tourists?" The afternoon of November 18th, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Wang Ping, the city organization of outstanding real estate developers, builders, designers and outside the province, relevant departments held Xining city urban planning forum to discuss what is the most beautiful city building? In the construction of the city’s most beautiful buildings, developers, designers, contractors should bear what kind of responsibility?

forum, all developers, builders, designers speak freely, talk about the experience, experience, suggestions…… Wang Yubo fully affirmed the developers, designers, builders for the planning and construction of the city of Xining and the city’s beautiful, livable, and made important contributions to the development. Wang Yubo pointed out that in recent years, the city’s urban planning and construction has achieved remarkable results, a significant improvement in the quality of the city, the city with each passing day, constantly optimize the living environment. Positive results can not cover up the problem. At present, the city planning and construction in the city has entered a rapid development stage, the more rapid development, the more we want to strengthen the awareness of the problem, every stage, we must conscientiously sum up the city planning and construction of the loss. Whether it is the city manager, or developers, designers, builders, should have a high sense of social responsibility, to seriously study, how to get recognition and inheritance in the land of Xining for each building, a work. Our land resources are very scarce, build a piece, we want to pursue a piece of. The government does not welcome only to make money for the city is not responsible for the developers, design units, we have to regulate this system.

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