Our province to increase the intensity of discipline adjustment

In June 28th, reporters from promoting the employment of college graduates was informed at the press conference, according to the usual initial employment rate of college graduates, college graduates in the examination of civil servants and institutions accounted for 13% of state-owned enterprises to attract college graduates this year, 35%, the state-owned enterprise and the private enterprise is still the main force to attract college graduates. At the same time, the province will increase the intensity of discipline adjustment.

it is understood that, as of the end of May, our province university graduates initial employment rate reached 52%. In order to promote the employment of college graduates in our province, according to the province’s economic and social development and industrial structure adjustment needs, increase discipline and specialty structure adjustment, speeding up the implementation of the course of employment guidance and discipline construction, carry out a comprehensive development of occupation education and employment guidance, meet the market demand for talent cultivation. Expand the scale of higher vocational colleges, and increase the quality of skilled personnel training. The provincial education department deputy director Zhao Haiping said, Qinghai province will organize experts to professional colleges and universities in our province is to demonstrate, will adjust some disciplines, and in the last year, our province has slow strokes, limiting move, stopped recruiting 150 professional.

Su Quanren, deputy director of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, said that this year, the province will be included in the employment of college graduates in the local government’s responsibility for the content of the assessment of the content of the

, urged the employment of College graduates. At the same time, the province will also vigorously implement the classification of state-owned enterprises open recruitment system, so recruitment information, process and results of the public. Regulate the recruitment behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises and non-public enterprises, crack down on fraud in the recruitment process, to prevent discrimination in employment. ()


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