16 days seized 145 sets of black Xining will not regularly hit black car

April 23rd, a period of 16 days in Xining to combat the black car and other illegal activities engaged in road passenger transport work focused on remediation. Here, a joint law enforcement group seized the illegal operation of vehicles 145, effectively curb illegal road operations.

It is reported that

, the city of Xining against the "black car" special action by the joint law enforcement departments, take the inspection, inspection at night point investigation, and other forms of illegal operation of vehicles, taxi off-site operations illegal passenger operations within the city to carry out remediation.

work in the centralized rectification stage, a joint law enforcement group seized 145 illegal operation of vehicles. The remote operation seized taxi 12, clone car 3 units, 130 units of the "black car".

it is understood that the centralized rectification stage after the end of the work, the re integration of the joint law enforcement group, regularly carry out inspections in the city, to combat illegal road vehicles, to create a good traffic service environment. (author: Zheng Sizhe)



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