Xining City Health Bureau started the standardization of individual clinics

in order to strengthen the management of private clinics in Xining City, and regulate the practice, improve the quality of medical service, to ensure that the patient’s medical safety, December 20, 2012, Xining city (including three counties) urban and rural individual clinic and internal Clinic and health to carry out standardization construction started meeting held, the relevant departments and 178 individual the clinic is responsible for people attended the meeting.

meeting to convey to learn the "implementation plan" and the construction of standard activities of construction of Xining city individual clinics norms proposed by clinics standardized construction activities, create practicing norms, legal, service in place of individual medical practice new order, to promote the Xining city individual clinic medical service level, improve the overall quality of the medical requirements, and strive to use three years to fully complete the standardized clinic construction target.

meeting the requirements of all units and departments must unify their thinking, for the individual clinics in the overall development is still in the low level and small scale, lack of talent, technology, management chaos "and other issues, well-organized, solid progress, strengthen supervision, to ensure the effectiveness of obtaining individual clinics standardized construction activities. To strengthen propaganda, build momentum, make full use of radio, television and other media to carry out publicity, for individual clinics and health care personnel to understand and support. And do a good job of self-examination and rectification work, the problems found in self-examination, according to the requirements, the time limit for rectification. Refused to rectification should be dealt with according to law, the problem is serious to revoke the practice license. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly examine and approve the registration and approval system of medical institutions, the existing individual clinics standardized construction programs and standards for strict examination, do not meet the requirements to be adjusted or canceled.

individual clinic responsible person said, seriously in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, the indicators of the implementation of standardized construction, the implementation of the "standardized service action" and "unified standard, unified system, unified file, unified identity, unified management, unified licensing" management model, combined with their own actual situation, actively the rectification, reporting on time, on time to complete the proposed Municipal Health Bureau "in 2013 and strive to the city’s standardization clinic rate reached more than 40%, more than 50% in 2014, 2015 completed a comprehensive standardized clinic" construction target. With their own practical action, to create a new order of construction norms, practicing primary care market, legal services in place, improve the overall level of medical services to the clinic, for the people to provide safe, effective, convenient and affordable medical services. (author: Zhang Yongchun)

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