Xining special industry social Trinity to promote poverty alleviation in three counties

Xining to actively build a special poverty reduction, poverty, social poverty alleviation industry "three-in-one" pattern of poverty alleviation, the full implementation of the whole village project, to implement the relocation project, rain plan poverty alleviation training and social poverty, to Huangzhong, Huangyuan and Datong in poor mountainous areas of the main battlefield for poverty alleviation work smoothly.

in recent years, Xining city in accordance with the "poverty alleviation work three-in-one" requirement, at the same time and organize the implementation of special poverty alleviation projects, focusing on poverty alleviation efforts to increase industry, mobilize all social forces to participate in poverty alleviation and development. The whole village and other projects of the integration of industry sector project funds more than 6000 yuan, the enterprise funds more than 1800 yuan, people raised funds more than 1000 yuan, the project for village roads, street lights, equipped with hardened erection of transmission lines, construction of biogas pool etc..

since last year, the city’s implementation of 98 million yuan of special funds, organization department, transportation, water conservancy, agriculture and animal husbandry, health, culture, sports and other sectors of capital, enterprises matching funds and people raised funds more than 300 yuan, the implementation of continuous development of whole village advancement project in 83 poor villages. Drive built nearly 20 thousand acres of contiguous advantage crop planting base, Tibetan medicine planting, seedling base and forage base through the project, promote aquaculture cooperatives, rural tourism, industrial projects and other projects steadily. The implementation has to be relocated project funds 86 million 800 thousand yuan, the implementation of the project to resettle in 16 poor villages in Datong County Taer tarwan village, Huangzhong County, Huangyuan County village of the town of Wang Bo hang Xiang Ma Ni Tai Cun, relocation of 2677 households of 12 thousand and 400 people.

"teach a man to fish, as to give the fish." Xining city continue to increase the rain plan poverty alleviation training and social poverty alleviation efforts of poor families in three counties of junior and senior middle school graduates to carry out special vehicle driving, mechanical driving, garment processing and other professional skills training; coordinate with the relevant departments, the Department of housing developed areas and large enterprises helping other aspects of poverty, poor households have been implemented condolence payments 200 thousand yuan. Liaoning electric power company, Tieling, Jinzhou and other cities to help chase Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties, has been implemented to help fund $1 million 730 thousand.


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