Xining Victory Road Park Lane community access to the national sports advanced units

day before the Park Lane Community Subdistrict Office of Xining city road victory won 2005 to 2008 annual national mass sports advanced units.

in recent years, the Park Lane community mass sports activities have been carried out full of sound and colour. Residents said Mr. Li, because love playing croquet, at the community sports, met a lot of friends with common interests. Everyone together to form a team, but also often participate in community organizations mass sports activities.

November 30th, according to the West District Social Development Bureau, Chang Lining, head of the Department of sports, the community is limited by the lack of funds, do not really difficult to engage in mass sports activities. But the community has some advantages in organizing mass sports activities. Park Lane community is the use of advantages to overcome all kinds of difficulties, the mass sports work done fast, good service for the masses to do the work.


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