Xining Lanxin second line tunnel construction entered the final stage of the comprehensive

Lanzhou Xining second lane tunnel, through the construction of more than 1000 employees participating in the construction of 40 months have been extremely hard and bitter, smoothly through the security in August 20, 2013. At present, the headquarters is racing against the tunnel invert, two concrete lining and trench cable trench and other surplus works to pay close attention to the arrangement of the construction, tunnel construction into the finishing stage.

Xining tunnel length of 5750 meters, is a high risk tunnel, is the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway and heavy and difficult to negotiate project. After penetrating through the tunnel, high risk factors, such as water inrush, mud gushing, settlement and deformation, are still continuing, and the construction difficulty is still large. In order to ensure the smooth realization of the goal of laying on schedule in January 1, 2014, China Railway five Bureau headquarters held a big thirty days, decisive victory of Xining tunnel construction mobilization meeting, called on all participating employees continue to lay the Xining tunnel construction of the final battle of annihilation. At the same time, inverted schedule, the remaining project team and head down to the problem, do not stay overnight, to improve the efficiency of construction; every day held a brief production meet at the construction site, summarizes the construction and arrangement of second working days, make the construction orderly, busy but not chaotic; taken to reinforce the use of steel the lower part of tunnel invert rapid closure, followed by lower drift, strict safety and quality control measures of each process; leading cadres to implement 24 hours duty system, solve problems timely, control of mud inrush, water gushing, settlement and deformation effectively, ensure the construction safety, rapid and orderly construction progress. (author: Kong Xiangrui Luo Changmin Yang Zhengpei)

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