Training in primary and secondary school teachers in charge of class

10 10, jointly organized by the Qinghai Provincial Education Committee, the Provincial Department of education, Qinghai Province, the province’s primary and secondary school teacher group hosted the first phase of training classes in Xining. The training from October 2016 to December held a total of 7, each of the 100.

it is understood that the training focuses on modern teacher education thought and the art of management, students’ psychological research, teacher education, moral education and class work, class activities design, organization and management, the work of teachers in charge of education policies and regulations, etc., in order to change the concept of education, improve the ability of educational innovation and teacher professional ability. To help the province’s primary and secondary school teachers to study and grasp the psychological changes of modern primary and secondary school students’ psychological changes and interesting psychology, to enhance the ideological and political education of primary and secondary school students and management capabilities, to promote the standardization and effectiveness of the work of class teacher.


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