first_imgUmphrey’s McGee and Spafford will be touring together for a few months starting on January 20, 2017 with two nights at The National in Richmond, VA, then through the Midwest, and again on the West Coast. Tickets for those shows can be purchased on Umphrey’s website. When Spafford isn’t on the road with Umphrey’s McGee, they will be doing their own winter/spring headlining tour dates that are on sale and can be purchased on their website as well.We touched base with Joel Cummins (keyboardist) of Umphrey’s McGee and Brian Moss (guitarist) of Spafford, who got to know each other with this interview conversation ahead of the upcoming tour. Read the fun conversation below!Brian Interviews JoelBrian: If you could play any other instrument in UM, which would be the most fun to play?Joel: I think the most fun instrument for me to play in UM outside of keys would be bass. There are a few reasons for this, #1 being that bass is definitely the easiest instrument to play in the band. I mean, how hard can one note at a time be? The other reason why that would be a nice lateral move for me is that I already know the chords to the UM songs (mostly) and I could add some harmonic flair to UM songs that have been the same forever. I can’t be the only one bored with our bass lines. So all of this would actually be great for the band. There are drawbacks though, I would have to stand for the entire show which could get to be a drag. It’s nice to be able to sit during the show but also to be able to stand when I want to. It’s still America, and I am free to sit or stand for the music of Umphrey’s McGee.My 2nd choice of a new instrument in UM would be percussion because then I wouldn’t have to worry about being the timekeeper, memorizing any lyrics or memorizing any notes I have to play. I could pretty much just do whatever I wanted back there the whole time. So that sounds pretty fun to me. That’s what Andy does for us, right? He’s behind me so I can’t see him.The other instruments sound like way too much work in UM. Not my bag.Brian: What show(s) are you most excited about on the up coming tour?Joel: As of today, we just announced that Umphrey’s will play a set of improvisation in Portland with Joshua Redman. So that show now rises to the top as far as anticipation for me. There’s also some pretty awesome food in town, which also gets me excited about Portland. The other weekend on the upcoming run that has me most excited is all of Michigan. Those shows are selling very well and will likely be some of the most energetic crowds we play for. Michigan rules. I’m also pretty pumped about Asheville. 3 nights in one of my favorite cities in the country at an arena. I think Spafford is doing late nights there? On the west coast, I’m pretty excited about finishing the tour with LA & San Diego- a hometown show at a great theater in the Wiltern + a new room we’ve never played before in a great area of San Diego, the North Park Observatory.Brian: Can we jam with you?Joel: This is up to you guys. We’re a 3 strikes and you’re out policy type band with our support, so if you haven’t used your 3 strikes by the 3rd weekend in the tour….. we’ll see, Brian. These strikes can be things like going over your set time, not being on time for load in, not being kind & gracious to our crew, us catching your friends trying to take beer from us backstage, one of your band members eating the crew’s post show food, etc…. these things have all actually happened. And with Dan Rucinski & Kunj in the mix we already know there are some serious character issues over in your camp. Keep it clean, guys.Brian: Will you jam with us?Joel: I’d love to. I’m very good at laying out for minutes at a time, which really opens things up. Also I’m a pretty good listener off stage.Brian: If you had an alter ego, what would be your name? Or do you have one and wish people would start calling you by that name already?Yes I do have a name that people call me already but I occasionally use that name for under-the-radar dinner reservations, hotel bookings and so forth. I will have to tell you that one in person. However, a different alter ego I created that I can share with you is the commissioner of the UM fantasy football league. He writes incendiary posts destroying all members’ of the league’s moves weekly. He’s also a very loathsome music critic. His name is Gunther Slamzinsky. That’s an alter ego I’m willing to share with the public, but I am really the opposite of that person in real life. So it’s more of a bizarro alter ego, or is that a double negative?Brian: Did you aspire to be in a successfully touring rock band as a kid?Joel: I aspired to be a successful major league baseball player for the Chicago Cubs as a kid. For many years, that seemed like a realistic goal considering how bad the teamsusually were. Not anymore. Happy to be a fan of the Cubs now. In fact, I’ve seen the 1st pitch and the last pitch of the year for the past 2 years in person. Winning the worlds series was pretty awesome. But if I wasn’t a musician, I’d also like to chase tornados for a living. I hear that’s fairly lucrative.Brian: Is Brendan’s amps really loud on your side of the stage?Joel: Brendan’s amps are actually not very loud, Jake owns the volume conversation. Jake is also a master at most things guitar, including how to achieve incredible clean & dirty tones. Yeah, his shit sounds good. Brendan’s tone is usually a nice, muddled tone dump that’s very difficult to make out for most of the night. We all really appreciate that about him when we’re trying to improvise and figure out what the hell he’s doing. I am the quietest band member of Umphrey’s McGee because I am so polite and aware of others’ sonic needs, really one of the politest musicians you’ll find.Joel Interviews BrianJoel: What’s the most important thing to keep improvisational music fresh within a band?Brian: To keep improv fresh in a band (or at least for us) is to keep studying, learning about each other on and off the stage, and to keep exploring different tonalities each instrument can provide. Open mind and open ears will allow for anything to happen. That’s the main reason why we haven’t got bored yet.Joel: Does Spafford use any visual cues to help guide improvisation as it develops?Brian: Spafford has no visual cues for the improv, only for cuing to the head or chorus of the next song. The meat and potatoes is all high risk, high reward. Sometimes it hits and sometimes it doesn’t, but in the end our lowest lows are not embarrassing and our highest highs are fantastic.Joel: What do you do when you hit a point in improvisation where all ideas have seemingly been exhausted? Or does this never happen?Biran: Sure, we definitely reach a point where we have nothing left. We call it “rage mode” and have been attempting to tame that beast for years. The hardest thing is sometimes that’s our fans’ favorite part, and mine :). But Spafford is all about being a team player and we feed off of each others energy very sensitively. If someone is not feeling it and you are, you’ll get a look and have to bail. It’s all good, so I think, “ok, wait till tomorrow night.”Joel: There aren’t many bands in the scene from Arizona. How does being from Prescott, AZ help define you as artists?Brian: There are actually a lot of bands from Arizona that are amazing. The truth is not a lot of touring bands ever visited Az over the years. So what started as music to fill a void became much more than that. We soon left to tour outside of Az and realized that we had people following us to other states. I guess that was the beginning for us. Also, Arizona is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived. It may take some time to appreciate its beauty, but lyrically and musically we have encompassed Arizona in the heart of every song we write. It’s like listening to The String Cheese Incident in Colorado, UM in Chicago or Phish in Vermont, it just makes sense.Joel: What’s been the most surprisingly positive gig Spafford has played?Brian: The most surprising show that I have encountered was a show in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Country Saloon. There was not a lot of people there and I don’t remember us playing anything life-changing, but thanks to the Las Vegas Jam Band Society we were put in front of the new talent buyer for Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I received an email a couple weeks later while we were recording our very first studio album and we got booked for Furthur after shows at this amazing venue. That turned into a three year stint of aftershows for Furthur and WSP which I think really helped get the band in front of a lot of people that were from all across the country. Those shows were some of the bands favorites and we still talk about them every bus ride. So yeah, a pretty shitty gig early on in our career (no offense Greg we love you) turned out to be the best show of our early career.Joel: Have there been any memorable train wrecks on stage for you guys?Brian: We’ve tripped circuits in a lot of places, set off a ton of fire alarms, missed notes, sang wrong lyrics, started songs in the wrong key, forgot to solo, had cables die, spilled beers on pedalboards, microphones smashed in mouth, blood all over the bass, said thank you to the wrong venue …but nah, none of these are train wrecks. It’s all part of the adventure.Joel: Any particular show with Umphrey’s McGee you’re most looking forward to?Brian: I’m looking forward to each and every show with UM. I can’t wait to see how the big boys do it. I’ll be taking notes.Joel: What’s the best concert or live show you’ve seen in the past year?Brian: Favorite show I’ve seen in the last year was Phish at Chula Vista. I was with my wife, my best friend and the band. Phish played great and I actually went in the pit for the first time in a while. I usually like to hang back and watch the fans, not the band.Joel: Name three bands or musicians that people probably haven’t heard of, but should know.Brian: I think everyone should know about Jeff Buckley, Josh Rouse and Don Cheek and the CheekTones. Buckley’s catalog expands well past Hallelujah, thanks Shrek, and should be consumed by everyone. He was ahead of his time both vocally and in songwriting. His story is complex and sad with all of “Grace” to thank now. Listen to it. Josh Rouse has been a huge part of my life since I went to college the second time. His song “It’s Good to Have You” was my wedding song and the entire “1972” album is one of the greatest albums front to back. Don Cheek is my Bob Dylan. His writing capability and balls on stage has revered him as the man who stole Prescott, Az from other musicians in town. That’s why I moved to Phoenix. Haha. But seriously, watch Spafford cover more from him in the future.Joel: Have you been to Havasu Falls & if so, should I go there?Brian: If you’re talking Havasupai Falls, no I have never been there. Actually I lived in Phoenix since 2004 and only visited the Grand Canyon once…in 2016…I know, shame on me. I’ve been busy playing in a band and being broken down on the side of the road. But let’s say this, if you wanna meet there let’s make a trip out of it. It’s been on my bucket list forever.Don’t miss Umphrey’s McGee and Spafford on tour together! You can see Spafford’s full tour schedule below, including all dates with both bands.last_img read more

first_imgTwo hundred years. Even in an institution as venerable as Harvard University, that’s a long time.Harvard Divinity School, the nation’s first nonsectarian theological school, will celebrate its bicentennial during the 2016-17 academic year with events and exhibits that highlight the School’s mission to illuminate, engage, and serve the world through the pursuit and practice of religious literacy.From August 2016 through May 2017, HDS will celebrate 200 years of excellence in the study of religion and look ahead to its future. Community members will want to save the date for a multiday celebration planned for April 27-29, 2017.“For two centuries HDS has advanced the study of religion and empowered men and women to serve others around the world,” said HDS Dean David N. Hempton. “The bicentennial will allow us to reflect on this rich history, even as we envision anew the School’s mission for the future.”Hempton also extended an invitation to the wider University community to join in the celebration.“Harvard was founded to educate ethical leaders in all fields,” he noted. “For many years, the study of religion was at the center of that effort. HDS carries on that legacy, but it belongs to everyone at the University. We’re very excited to celebrate HDS’s bicentennial with Harvard and the larger community.”HDS is one of Harvard’s earliest professional Schools, founded in 1816 by the Society for the Promotion of Theological Education in Harvard University (former president John Adams was among the first donors). Read Full Storylast_img read more

first_imgThe Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) prepares college students to serve as Naval officers after graduation. Eighty-four Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s undergraduates participate in this program. Known as “midshipmen,” students in the program this summer spent approximately a month completing various training courses, including spending time aboard active vessels and aircraft to prepare them to ultimately commission as officers. Rising sophomores, known as third-class midshipmen, participated in the Naval Reserve’s Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID) program, which served as an introduction to the different communities within or associated with the Navy, including aviation, surface service, subsurface service and the Marine Corps. Second-class and first-class midshipmen — rising juniors and seniors, respectively — completed “summer cruises,” which entailed experiencing naval service first-hand on a ship or submarine.Captain Mark Prokopius, the commanding officer of Notre Dame NROTC, described the purpose of summer training as exposing midshipmen to both life in the Navy and to leadership decisions that are necessary as an active-duty officer.“When they’re on cruise, they’re actually on active duty and subject to all the active duty rules,” he said. “It builds valuable experience to see from the enlisted perspective on the second-class cruise, and then [on the first-class cruise] to see from the officer’s perspective, who is the leader in front of those enlisted men.”All midshipmen are required to complete summer training unless exempted by a conflict or disciplinary probation.Kathleen Halloran, a second-class midshipman and a junior at Saint Mary’s, said she knew she wanted to serve her country from a young age after being inspired by her grandfather, a Marine veteran. Halloran said her summer experience — staying aboard a submarine — was enriched by the presence of women in positions of power. “It was incredible being on the submarine surrounded by brilliant female officers, as female officers are currently not very common,” she said.Halloran said her favorite part of the summer was spending time with five other women, who she said she got to know quite well, on the submarine.Aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, Saint Mary’s junior Megan Mullaney furthered her interest in surface warfare. Mullaney spent each week shadowing a new person, but she said her favorite moments were spent shadowing flight deck control.“It was really cool to get the opportunity to be on the flight deck when people were taking off and landing,” she said.While the month spent aboard the ship was full of new learning opportunities, Mullaney said it came with challenges as well. She said her most challenging experience was constantly feeling in the way of others.“Your job is to shadow and observe but you still feel you’re in the way because you are not doing a certain job,” Mullaney said.Notre Dame sophomore and third-class midshipman Michael Terranova spent 19 days on an Ohio-class submarine embarking from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. While his primary preference is in aviation, he said the cruise provided a valuable exposure to life in the Navy.“It showed me that if the Navy tells me I have to do it, I can,” he said. “It was also a really informative experience to learn the submarine’s role in the navy, but I think most importantly it showed me what life in the Navy is like … I was able to see people doing their jobs, and I got at tiny picture of what life as an officer is like.”Notre Dame senior and first-class midshipman Thomas Hart was assigned to Naval Air Station Lemoore in California. While previously interested in naval aviation, he said the experience, in which he was able to fly in an F-18 fighter jet, take-off from an aircraft carrier at sea and briefly pilot a jet, confirmed his choice to work towards becoming a pilot.“It not only provided me with those flight experiences to see how cool flying was, but even more important was seeing how the community operated and seeing how the pilots interacted with each other,” he said. “The pilots I worked with were great guys and loved their jobs. I saw myself in that community. It’s really important to see if you fit in with the people, so I think that’s the right community for me.”Tags: Mark Prokopius, Naval ROTC, NROTC, ROTC, summer traininglast_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A hit-and-run boater who crashed into a jetty in Patchogue abandoned ship, leaving behind an injured 29-year-old Farmingdale woman on Sunday night, Suffolk County police said.A 23-foot Sea Ray boat crashed into the west jetty at the entrance of the Patchogue River, where reponding officers and Patchogue firefighters found the victim at 9:20 p.m., police said.The victim was taken to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue, where she underwent treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.Witnesses reportedly told investigators that up to seven people were on the boat at the time of the crash. Police found some of them nearby, but they did not cooperate with the probe, authorities said.Police are trying to find the owner of the severely damaged boat, who is responsible for removing it from the rocks, authorities said.Fifth Precinct Crime Section are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on this incident to call them at 631-854-8526.last_img read more

first_imgThe Decree amending the Decree on the procedure, manner and conditions for obtaining a concession on tourist land in camps co-owned by the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette, No. 31/2020) entered into force on 19 March 2020. Due to the emergency situation related to the coronavirus epidemic, the Decree amending the Decree on the procedure, manner and conditions for obtaining a concession on tourist land in camps co-owned by the Republic of Croatia postpones the collection of concession fee on tourist land in camps co-owned by the Republic of Croatia until 30. November 2020 with the aim of mitigating the first financial blow to the tourism sector, and to ensure the time needed to analyze the damage and possibly take further measures to stabilize the tourism sector and retain jobs. The measure applies to companies performing tourist activity on the basis of an application for a concession in the co-owned part of the Republic of Croatia for the use of the camp, in accordance with Article 8 paragraph 1 of the Act on Tourist and Other Construction Land not assessed in the conversion and privatization process (Official Gazette 92) / 10). The aim of the amendment is to mitigate the financial impact on tourist companies that perform tourist activities in camps on land co-owned by the Republic of Croatia. The Ministry of Tourism, as the implementing body, will continue with the activities of determining the amount of the concession fee and will inform the taxpayers about the amount of the permanent and variable part of the concession fee whose payment has been postponed until November 30, 2020. For all information on the implementation of this measure, contact the Ministry of Tourism at the e-mail address [email protected] Side dish: Decree amending the Decree on the procedure, manner and conditions for obtaining a concession on tourist land in camps co-owned by the Republic of Croatia Photo: Valamarlast_img read more

first_imgThis boutique hotel has only 27 rooms and 11 suites. The large terrace offers the possibility of a distant and safe stay for lunch, and for those who want complete security and privacy, the hotel offers free breakfast and dinner and rooms. Garden Palace Resort in Umag, located in the city center on the main city promenade, announces its opening on June 10, and on June 19 the first guests will be welcomed by the Slaven Hotel in Selce and the Lišanj Hotel in Novi Vinodolski. The camp in Selce welcomes its first guests this weekend with new mobile homes, sanitary facilities and pitches, and by the end of June an attractive biodesign swimming pool with two cascades will be completed, while Camp Kačjak will open by the end of May. The lifting of restrictions on the movement of citizens, and the opening of borders with Slovenia and Austria, has prompted more and more hotels on the Adriatic to open their doors to guests.center_img “We are expecting the first guests in Camp Baško Polje, not far from the exit from the Sveti Ilija tunnel. In this camp, bungalows and mobile homes are equipped with their own kitchens, which allows guests complete enjoyment, but also the safety of staying in conditions of caution and keeping distance with other guests.” they point out in the Adriatic and add that the hotel guests will surely be most attracted by the Esplanade Hotel in the center of Crikvenica, which expects its first guests on the last weekend in May.  Today, the Crikvenica hotel company, Jadran dd, opened part of its facilities to guests after several months of restrictions caused by the corona virus epidemic. As of today, a camp has been opened in Selce, as well as catering facilities such as Kavana Inter and bar Kačjak. last_img read more

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionThis latest idea  of a military parade reminds me of a child’s envy for another’s toy: “If he has one, I want one, too. Only bigger.”Why do we need a military parade, except to satisfy President Trump’s ego? And how many millions will it cost the taxpayers?It’s a bad idea, and I hope more reasonable heads will prevail.Mary SiegelSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Troopers: Schenectady pair possessed heroin, crack cocaine in Orange County Thruway stopSchenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationSchenectady man dies following Cutler Street dirt bike crashlast_img read more

first_imgNationalNO Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Maggie Barry, Andrew Bayly, David Bennett, Dan Bidois, Simon Bridges, Simeon Brown, Gerry Brownlee, David Carter, Jacqui Dean, Sarah Dowie, Paulo Garcia, Paul Goldsmith, Nathan Guy, Jo Hayes, Harete Hipango, Denise Lee, Melissa Lee, Agnes Loheni, Tim Macindoe, Todd McClay, Ian McKelvie, Todd Muller, Alfred Ngaro, Simon O’Connor, Parmjeet Parmar, Chris Penk, Maureen Pugh, Shane Reti, Alastair Scott, Nick Smith, Anne Tolley, Louise Upston, Nicky Wagner, Hamish Walker, Michael Woodhouse, Jonathan Young  (37)YESAmy Adams, Paula Bennett, Chris Bishop, Judith Collins, Matt Doocey, Andrew Falloon, Brett Hudson, Nikki Kaye, Matt King, Barbara Kuriger, Mark Mitchell, Scott Simpson, Stuart Smith, Erica Stanford, Tim van de Molen, Nicola Willis, Jian Yang, Lawrence Yule (18)LabourNO!Kiri Allan, David Clark, Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki, Damien O’Connor, Adrian Rurawhe, Deborah Russell, Jenny Salesa, Aupito Tofe Sua William Sio, Jamie Strange, Rino Tirikatene, Phil Twyford, Meka Whaitiri, Michael Wood (13)YESGinny Andersen, Jacinda Ardern, Tamati Coffey, Liz Craig, Clare Curran, Kelvin Davis, Ruth Dyson, Paul Eagle, Kris Faafoi, Peeni Henare, Chris Hipkins, Raymond Huo, Willie Jackson, Iain Lees-Galloway, Andrew Little, Marja Lubeck, Jo Luxton, Nanaia Mahuta, Trevor Mallard, Kieran McAnulty, Stuart Nash, Greg O’Connor, David Parker, Willow-Jean Prime, Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Grant Robertson, Carmel Sepuloni, Jan Tinetti, Louisa Wall, Angie Warren-Clark, Poto Williams, Duncan Webb, Megan Woods (33)NZ FirstYES (All MPs!)Darroch Ball, Shane Jones, Jenny Marcroft, Ron Mark, Tracey Martin, Clayton Mitchell, Mark Patterson, Winston Peters, Fletcher Tabuteau (9)GreensYES (All MPs!)Marama Davidson, Julie Anne Genter, Golriz Ghahraman, Gareth Hughes, Jan Logie, Eugenie Sage, James Shaw, Chloe Swarbrick (8)ACTDavid SeymourIndependentJami-Lee Ross* those underlined changed their vote from the 1st Readinglast_img read more

first_imgDale Allen Gindling, age 63 of Batesville, IN passed away Thursday, April 6, 2017 at The Waters of Batesville. Born April 1, 1954 to Robert & Ann (Pfluger) Gindling, in Batesville, IN but raised in Brookville, IN.The 1973 graduate of Brookville High School was an auto body technician and rebuilt old cars. He married Jane Brockman on June 9, 1979 at St. Mark Lutheran Church. He was a member of St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Brookville.Not only did Dale enjoy working on cars, especially GTO’s, but also enjoyed going to car shows. He won several trophies for his cars. He liked watching western shows and sitting out by the fire. In fact, he just enjoyed being outdoors. He liked his Doberman’s and was a handyman. He could fix just about anything he put his mind to.Dale is survived by his wife Jane Gindling, his sister Debbie Chalk (Mike) of Brookville, IN and many nieces, nephews, great nieces & great nephews.Visitation will be Sunday, April 9, 2017 from 12 noon until time of memorial services at 2pm at Meyers Funeral Home, Batesville, IN.Dale’s wishes were to be cremated. Memorials are suggested to the family for medical expenses.Online condolences at www.meyersfuneralhomes.comlast_img read more

first_imgRelatedPosts Napoli Coach: Osimhen young lad with old brain Neymar, four others sent off as Marseille grab rare win at PSG Osimhen, Napoli bow to COVID-19 Victor Osimhen has been voted Lille’s Player of the Month for September, following his impressive performance for the Ligue 1 giants.The Nigerian international’s terrific form for the French Ligue 1 side had caught the eye following his arrival from Belgian club, Sporting Charleroi in the summer.Osimhen was presented with the award at the Stade Pierre Mauroy on Sunday.The former Wolfsburg striker saved the hosts from their first home defeat of the season, grabbing the equaliser 11 minutes from time.Lille lost two of its key stars from last season, Nicolas Pepe and Rafael Leao to Arsenal and AC Milan respectively, but Osimhen had proven to a capable replacement for the duo.The 20-year-old had scored seven goals in nine league appearances for Les Dogues.He scored his first Champions League goal for Lille in the 2-1 home defeat to Chelsea in midweek.Tags: Ligue 1Victor Osimhenlast_img read more