Experience and optimization of website optimization direction


optimization of the site, you can often see some knowledge is constantly repeated, and practical skills are less. Is not to say that by a large number of repeated knowledge is not important, on the contrary, repeated knowledge is the most important core. Not the old owners don’t want their own experience and skills announced, search engine was constantly updated, the algorithm is also in constant adjustment. Experience and skills of the old owners may change after the search engine to mislead some novice. But the novice generally has a strong innovative thinking, too much to the novice instill experience and skills is likely to stifle the thinking.

Since I began to learn

site the optimization is simple, construction updates and links to web site is to see the parents. Website update you know need the original, and the release time of need. My approach is to start work early in the morning, spend half an hour looking for updated content, is not easy to find resources, is careful to read the contents of your interest. Then spend about one hour to edit and update the content, take you to read the views and opinions and combine the data editor, so you get a piece of original content, the content must be high quality, because it is you of one thing of insight and understanding, in your thinking at the same time, also expressed your views. If you edit the content very satisfied, so you can also let the content sent to large sites such as A5, owners and other large sites, may be able to help you increase the number of the chain.

optimization, web site optimization is to do the site has been optimized, content for the website construction, and do not know too much, can only introduce about the. Next is I in the construction site maintenance experience, we hope to help.

here I will talk about my skills, website optimization according to the division of time, can be divided into optimization of website construction and post optimization. Here is the website construction optimization refers to the site within the chain code optimization, layout, site layout rationality, hierarchy is clear and so on in the construction site should be considered when optimizing. It is not to say that the late can not be changed, only in the late changes, may have a certain impact on the ranking and weight optimization considering the needs of these is the construction site.

for the construction of the link, can be said to be a part of the website optimization is simple and complex. He said, is to link the principle is very simple, how to publish these data is also very simple, online check can know. But this is only the basic knowledge as a webmaster, you should learn to how to build efficient links, this is a real work station. The efficiency here refers not just the number of links. "

is not to say that the experience and skills of the old owners will mislead the novice, experience and skills of the old webmaster can serve as a production center, to provide a development direction for the novice.

How to effectively improve the flow of your website

there are many companies want to improve their site traffic, is to find more effective ways to achieve, now, I see a good article to increase website traffic to share to everyone on the Internet, this article may have some help to improve their website yo flow


1, diligence: I am very recommended to do so, if one thing you did not spend much effort to do it successfully, then I can only say that you are GOD, admire,


2, brains: light diligence is not enough, we must work hard on the basis of their brains, and more to find their own web site problems, and good at solving, in order to get effective growth.

3, adhere to: do not because of the development of the site and their expectations from the great to give up, this may be the most difficult point.

OK, let’s talk about

in one aspect

1, diligence means we do stand passion, can also be a website update and rich, now too much on acquisition, I used a manual, procedures are, but the effect of it, unless your station itself has a base case, need an order of magnitude increase, so I recommend, or otherwise come slowly, I suggest that the patient, find a boutique, small and fine, it is easier to pull the visitor’s heart.

2, refers to the brain in the website operation process constantly looking for problems, your traffic why not go up, your keywords ranking why so after, why not keep visitors and so on.

I took a

meter and 100M space to do the test, one and a half months to a total station at present, visit IP3000, may be a lot of master read will be very funny, I am here to emphasize, I more expression to a friend in need.

OK, we discuss, first of all, the station I use static simulation, installed a bunch of thieves, oh, and then put on some of their original Dongdong, login search engine, very smooth, and a friend of PR=3 station hang connection.

from debugging to all the contents of the collection, spent 3 days, basically no tube, after half a month, I see third party statistics, visit IP1000, more than 10 key words in Baidu home page, the location is very near the top, it is these words brought me flow.

then I Baidu keyword query by keyword analysis, the emphasis here a little, don’t look for hot, the short term can not be ranked in the top 3 pages, as to find some day to visit 200~500, included in the page is not much, so the barrier and the way, and can obtain a good effect. I used to "talk" to do the analysis, included a bunch of chat rooms, the flow has a great improvement, in the continuous update of the week, basically is to search for people are kept, because hot "chat" is energy-saving, has a large user base (here is just an example, not.

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Air purifier store in the decoration of the time there is stress

do business basically is to open the store, one of the important factors, store decoration, sometimes also affect business in fact, shop decoration is very luxurious, good decoration, can bring more customers, more attractive, if there is deviation, may affect the profit. Today to talk about the air purifier store renovation of those who pay attention to.

two, open air purifier shop note: store decoration taboo


taboo 1: counter should not be placed at the exit

some of the shops for promotional merchandise, often at the exit of the escalator in the counter, the purpose of course is to make the customer to sell a foot on the floor can see goods, to increase the possibility of selling goods, but it often makes some customers will deliberately bypass the counter, and to the next to the counter. It will stop at the counter next to the stairs to 2 meters away, to see the effect, I believe will feel "curtilage reading" effect. Air purifier counters will be placed in the depths of the shop.

taboo 2: don’t let the deafening music

air purifier shop should not play loud music, in fact, this is very good, the music itself can create an atmosphere, but to see how to create the atmosphere of elegant, gentle music, can make the customer linger, increase the time of a customer in the store stay, thereby increasing the likelihood of customer consumption the loud music; while in Feng Shui is called "stop", a demon, which is to buy air purifiers people naturally have irritable mood, the stores can only play a negative effect. Because the intention to buy air purifier products are mostly from people over the age of 30.

taboo 3: store color can not be arbitrarily set

store decoration in addition to the color of the image with the air purifier manufacturers go outside. According to demand and add some color, now there are many air purifiers store pays great attention to the color of the internal stores, some businesses through psychological tests, such as red and bright colors, it is relatively in a state of excitement, arouse people’s desire to buy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the color of the internal stores, and to the owner of the birthday, to store and sell goods five property combination will consider the attributes of goods into the wood, fire, soil, gold, water in five categories, and then according to the owner of the store house and hexagrams hexagrams, determine the specific shop interior decoration color, extremely complicated, it is necessary to the professional home home.

hope that the above points can help you, in the decoration of the product must be based on the operation of a little more attention, want to recommend

西班牙的神经切碎卡米尼托del Rey的夏季门票开始发售岳得尔歌是ee oo!海蒂正在瑞士兴建一个有缆车和旅馆的新主题公园

票走西班牙南部的Caminito del Rey–人行道悬100m以上一个美丽的峡谷,一度被称为在世界上最危险的道路–已经发售今年夏天的季节。

EL卡米尼托del Rey。Getty图像

走道,它遵循的埃尔乔罗峡谷附近Á;劳拉,M Á;之后,在2015日重新开放被关闭了由于沿途死亡10年后。的卡米尼托del Rey的–意味着国王–路径已经全面升级,不再是危险的,但它仍然提供了惊人的观点,需要一个高度头峡谷。人行道只有一米宽,7.7km长。这是在1905完成对援助工作者的guadalhorce大坝施工。阿方索十三世国王穿过走道在1921开创了大坝,使路径其目前的名称。


后共享Pavel Evlampievevlampiev_p2017年3月28日下午1:30 PDT




一个新的主题公园将在瑞士开设2020基于斯比丽著名的第十九世纪的儿童书海蒂。叫Heidi Alperlebnis,它坐落在圣加仑Flumserberg州的山区度假胜地,并将耗资1亿法郎。








Heidi Alperlebnis是试图利用书的流行增加旅游区内。它将位于30公里从原来的海蒂迈恩费尔德旅游景点和设计将补充而不是竞争对手。



Magic square pot spicy hot pot franchise support

[magic pot pot spicy pot profit analysis]

magic pot spicy pot pot headquarters in-depth understanding of the current social needs of consumers for the fragrant pot of food, combined with their own strong R & D, to create the most popular incense pot food, a large market demand. Magic pot pot spicy pot to join the cost is very low, the shop has a considerable profit margins, the following is the magic pot shop franchise profit analysis.

[magic pot pot spicy pot support]

1, site selection support: assist site selection, the implementation of the decoration, the introduction of brand VIS, a good grasp of every shop.

2, opening support: professional teachers to explain all the preparatory work before the start, do not detour, opened early, early profit.

3, product support: research and development of the company’s new technology and product updates and upgrades, franchisees can learn free.

4, planning support: targeted design promotion, takeaway promotion, buy and other programs to achieve multi-channel profit.

5, marketing support: headquarters to join the free store to promote support, let you shop wurenbuxiao.

The rainbow underwear brand how can health improved smart underwear

With the continuous improvement of our living standard, the demand for healthy underwear has been increasing in

. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the rainbow brand underwear business, is a very wise choice!


science and technology, environmental protection, adhering to rainbow brand health, fashion, the concept of people-oriented, independent research and development of series products of carbon fiber far infrared, and dressed in a smart and healthy road clothing to explore, innovation, has more than ten practical patented technology.

on the road ahead, the holy rainbow will always uphold science and technology, environmental protection, health, fashion, the concept of people-oriented, in order to improve the Chinese health and endless struggle, and go all out for the leading Chinese fashion


How about

st rainbow brand underwear? High quality underwear choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Join the rainbow underwear brand items, open their own brand underwear store, in fact, money is so simple!

16 days seized 145 sets of black Xining will not regularly hit black car

April 23rd, a period of 16 days in Xining to combat the black car and other illegal activities engaged in road passenger transport work focused on remediation. Here, a joint law enforcement group seized the illegal operation of vehicles 145, effectively curb illegal road operations.

It is reported that

, the city of Xining against the "black car" special action by the joint law enforcement departments, take the inspection, inspection at night point investigation, and other forms of illegal operation of vehicles, taxi off-site operations illegal passenger operations within the city to carry out remediation.

work in the centralized rectification stage, a joint law enforcement group seized 145 illegal operation of vehicles. The remote operation seized taxi 12, clone car 3 units, 130 units of the "black car".

it is understood that the centralized rectification stage after the end of the work, the re integration of the joint law enforcement group, regularly carry out inspections in the city, to combat illegal road vehicles, to create a good traffic service environment. (author: Zheng Sizhe)



Xining special, industry, social Trinity to promote poverty alleviation in three counties

Xining to actively build a special poverty reduction, poverty, social poverty alleviation industry "three-in-one" pattern of poverty alleviation, the full implementation of the whole village project, to implement the relocation project, rain plan poverty alleviation training and social poverty, to Huangzhong, Huangyuan and Datong in poor mountainous areas of the main battlefield for poverty alleviation work smoothly.

in recent years, Xining city in accordance with the "poverty alleviation work three-in-one" requirement, at the same time and organize the implementation of special poverty alleviation projects, focusing on poverty alleviation efforts to increase industry, mobilize all social forces to participate in poverty alleviation and development. The whole village and other projects of the integration of industry sector project funds more than 6000 yuan, the enterprise funds more than 1800 yuan, people raised funds more than 1000 yuan, the project for village roads, street lights, equipped with hardened erection of transmission lines, construction of biogas pool etc..

since last year, the city’s implementation of 98 million yuan of special funds, organization department, transportation, water conservancy, agriculture and animal husbandry, health, culture, sports and other sectors of capital, enterprises matching funds and people raised funds more than 300 yuan, the implementation of continuous development of whole village advancement project in 83 poor villages. Drive built nearly 20 thousand acres of contiguous advantage crop planting base, Tibetan medicine planting, seedling base and forage base through the project, promote aquaculture cooperatives, rural tourism, industrial projects and other projects steadily. The implementation has to be relocated project funds 86 million 800 thousand yuan, the implementation of the project to resettle in 16 poor villages in Datong County Taer tarwan village, Huangzhong County, Huangyuan County village of the town of Wang Bo hang Xiang Ma Ni Tai Cun, relocation of 2677 households of 12 thousand and 400 people.

"teach a man to fish, as to give the fish." Xining city continue to increase the rain plan poverty alleviation training and social poverty alleviation efforts of poor families in three counties of junior and senior middle school graduates to carry out special vehicle driving, mechanical driving, garment processing and other professional skills training; coordinate with the relevant departments, the Department of housing developed areas and large enterprises helping other aspects of poverty, poor households have been implemented condolence payments 200 thousand yuan. Liaoning electric power company, Tieling, Jinzhou and other cities to help chase Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties, has been implemented to help fund $1 million 730 thousand.


Datong County, the township to carry out food safety publicity and inspection work


recently, the county has to carry out the work of food safety publicity and food safety inspections.

East Gap Town in July 18th held a rural chef and food, drug information officer training courses. The village Party branch secretary, food, drug coordinators, information officer, rural doctors, a total of 64 people participated in the training of rural cooks. Training invitation County Health Authority staff explaining the "food safety law", "Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations" and other laws and regulations, the food additives, agricultural products, circulation, catering service food safety knowledge. What food and medicine can not buy, what food to buy at ease, eat at ease. To explain the rural food and drug safety information officer, CO manager duties. Strengthening the filing management of running the feast of rural declaration filing system, the program from the start dinner, the food safety requirements on rural party related health knowledge of laws and regulations, Party activities of tableware disinfection, raw material procurement, processing and other aspects, to prevent the occurrence of food poisoning. Supervision of rural cooks to the disease prevention and control institutions at the same time, health education, strengthen food safety knowledge training, consciously regulate food safety behavior during dinner activities. Training close to life, close to reality, to explain in simple terms, inspires everyone’s enthusiasm for learning, all the trainees have a more comprehensive understanding of food and drug safety work.

cable Gou held in July 18th the Township food safety work conference. Township party and government leaders, food and drug safety staff and the village committee cadres more than and 20 people attended the meeting. Will convey the first half of the county food safety work conference spirit. The meeting read "learning Xie Gou Xiang food and drug safety accident emergency plan". Township party secretary Ye Jianlong stressed the need to attach great importance to food safety, the village set up a leading group, implement the members of work carried out in a timely manner. All primary and secondary schools should conscientiously do a good job in the cafeteria food safety work, to ensure the safety of students and health. The value of the teams and groups to carry out full duty, to ensure that communication tools 24 hours smooth. After the meeting, the Township food safety work leading group collaborative business, taxation, hospitals, Township Comprehensive Management Office, food safety work within the jurisdiction of the tourist attractions and the surrounding area of tea garden were examined.


town of food and Drug Management Coordination Leading Group Co Chengguan industrial and commercial staff, Food Safety Coordinators and information staff 6 people to Kazakhstan state Village town government seat of 20 food stores, restaurants, food stalls, kindergartens, schools and densely populated public places to carry out food and drug safety inspections and the examination of the security risks found timely rectification.