The current search engine under the situation of students engaged in website optimization need to av

, now a lot of students engaged in the site optimization is with a strong forward, to invest a lot of money, regardless of their economic capacity, and the students do not have their own income, so to put too much money is very bad behavior. The site for most students, students should be positioned to investment, rather than business. Don’t daydream, you don’t mix 35 years in this industry, do not talk about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but the investment is relatively easy to point. Therefore, students should not spend too much money into the website optimization of them, this is not realistic for students, it is not desirable.

do not put too much energy in the

don’t think of how to make a fortune, gold dream

With the continuous development of the

students engaged in website optimization is not to be able to in the industry in a few years or for a long time, students should do their job, don’t forget, learning is the bounden duty of the students, not the duty of the students lost to the website optimization. So, the best students every day the time control in two hours, if you have the patience, perseverance, best can do their own new sites, reselling site is not king ah. Don’t expect it will keep getting better and better, is a good site in 1000+. Therefore, students in website optimization don’t spend too much energy in this industry, which is not very good.

don’t spend too much money to do

students in website optimization Oh is very trusting, that others are really help themselves, can bring the opportunity to make a fortune for themselves, but we want to know such a sentence, one for himself hindmost. Every man for himself and not to consider, without any cause or reason you consider, for your benefit. In this society, cheat myself too much, it can be said that everywhere. So before the transaction, Shanghai dragon company hopes to students as much as possible to check the information transaction cost Niang, check fraud behavior. Don’t believe the world will fall, make a profit for this dangerous line, students engaged in the site optimization is very important, need to be careful of the 12 students remained cautious.


website, has attracted a lot of students are put into the website optimization among this industry, but due to the current search engine industry currently changes frequently, especially the love of Shanghai this search engine, when students engaged in the site optimization need to pay attention to the problems are many, and here I am we share the current situation of students engaged in the site optimization area what.


therefore, when students engaged in website optimization needs to avoid the attention of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so as to let the students in the website optimization to obtain greater success and find more fun, enrich the lives of students, make students better network station and >

Profit gate Internet user value analysisAD4ALL Windows optimization master product price hike!

distinguished League members, Hello,

now, netizens demand is no longer a single e-mail and browsing information, but to more diversified applications, autonomy and more interactive, such as personalized news, online forums, personal space, instant messaging, online games and other Internet products and services. These growth figures and emerging business are unmistakably to convey a message: the growing number of Internet users and Internet users increasingly mature consumer groups, forming a huge consumer market, have a strong consumer force and active market trading, brings tremendous value and growth space for the entire row industry. Because of this, users in-depth analysis of the composition and consumption habits, the trend has become the real value of understanding of Internet users and Internet users as consumers double identity, but also the platform of enterprise Internet marketing was an important research object of innovative ideas and basis.

Windows master products from December 20th price adjusted to 6 yuan / registered the original price of 5 yuan / registered, after optimization, the price of channel adjustment, believe that the product will bring you a higher income.

search engines, instant messaging and a variety of new Internet services portal is a traditional Internet service and, as the number of users has billions of dollars, to provide a comprehensive portal, including search engines, e-mail and other 50 segments of 16 Internet services.

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Internet mature user group characteristics for the male 18~30 year old unmarried users, and more concentrated in East China and South Africa and other developed regions, including undergraduate and tertiary education users accounted for nearly 2/3. As a new generation of consumer groups to fully embrace the Internet media 1976 to 1994 births, they showed a severe dependence on the Internet media, the Internet has become the most commonly used media have a major influence on their. To the current traffic first Chinese portal, Tencent network, for example, the user’s daily use of more than 80% of the people every day

has become more and more important, and the Internet has become an indispensable tool and media for more and more people’s life. This leads to the diversity and complexity of users, making it increasingly difficult for users to understand the value of the Internet and the enormous value that users bring to the Internet industry.

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Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

from the "investigation report" INTERNET GUIDE 2007 China Internet data, in 2006 the total size of personal Internet China consumer Internet market is about 276 billion 746 million yuan, 187 billion 653 million yuan year-on-year increase of 47% compared to 2005. Including online, shopping, playing games and other online spending, including the per capita monthly Internet consumption level of 169.57 yuan / month, compared with 157.8 yuan in 2005, an increase of 7.46%. The word "Internet users" is becoming the mainstream vocabulary of the times, and its influence on the market and society is constantly increasing. They have received unprecedented attention, the Internet increasingly rich variety of applications, no, not around the user’s feelings and experience to start.

user opportunities: rapid growth of user groups, Internet applications increasingly diverse

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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With the popularity and wide application of the Internet, !

My first soft Wen was ADMIN5 received as the headlines experience summary

soft, a month ago to me is very strange, in April when I was in the official DISCUZ release of DIM, with a development of the list of notes, which I learn PHP, with several published works connected. Although it was a crude and wrong technical proof, the post was 15 pages high. But after 50 days of hard development, the official version after the 8 test version of the posts, because only written technical documents, not to write notes to exchange articles, at present only 2 page reply. It is obvious that a wonderful article has a considerable influence on the reader’s sense of identity.

funny, then I don’t know what is soft text. Later, a fellow who has been SEO has read the article and said, "what a soft article!"". Coincidentally, that day, I first chat with King Wang, and by the way asked him, "what is soft text?"".

I don’t know, I asked the right person, or ask the wrong person, the king did not tell me! Ha ha ha. But soon I got the answer on admin5.com. Soon, I learned that, in addition to the original site to understand the technology, the soft text and promotion is very important. So I figure under the direction of the king, carefully study the various soft text on the admin5.

in the learning process, there has been a very interesting thing, but also strengthened my confidence in learning to write soft wen. In May 17th, have the honor to follow graph king went to Hefei to attend the Anhui stationmaster Congress, at the meeting, learned a lot of things back after wrote a learning experience "5.17 Anhui owners meeting several webmaster giant speech experience". Send to the Admin5 forum. After two days, I found a good interview written by Guo Yi. The first paragraph of the article was not bad with the article I wrote. It startled me. How even the good water is so fierce writing all copy my ah, a closer look, good water this passage is quoted in the big brother space. I go to Guo big space in a look, really still have, put my this article reprinted, but gJj marked is the turn, but the article signature is written, old K, is 17, Anhui Adsense conference one of the organizers. I asked gJj QQ, when he was making the fish toilet Zhejiang fish home (see here), he said that after the meeting he saw the article on the Internet, that is. Write, turn to, also encouraged me to write very well, but at the same time, signed and corrected. Thank you for your advice.

I guess 80% old K also turned this article. In fact, signature is who does not matter, the key is Riga a my new station, www.cxy5.com domain name did not change on the line, ha ha, this is the essence of soft wen.

this interesting experience, let me have a more profound understanding of the soft text.

summed up, I wrote most of the previous articles are narrative, list, relatively dull. And in admin see a lot of soft Wen, write more special, this kind of soft wen I haven’t tried, just right, yesterday, the inspiration came on

In depth analysis of the competition in the internal construction site


industry, regardless of which platform will exist, the popularity of network development make the network sales into the enterprise, but also with the specification on the search engine industry requirements, SEO industry competition is increasing, webmaster want to own can stabilize in the search engine, the analysis of competitors become essential in the work of SEO deep into the interior of the website construction, to analyze, to a more complete competitor operational information, the enemy can.

Construction analysis of

internal structure

The internal structure of the

site can see the website operation core, the page is a key product site, from the home page link to the past page content is often the website main core, and will not only give a link in the top navigation, but also in the page layout called content page plate. The internal structure of the site is hierarchical structure, from the home page links to the main page of the site, and in-depth analysis, you will find other pages are link import. Internal structure, perfect website operators, the concept of SEO must be very understanding, such competitors are powerful, and only in-depth analysis can defeat the opponent. Analysis of the internal structure can be made from the overall framework of the site, including site layout, database, web language, web page art, web site opening speed, content analysis.

internal content construction analysis

website mainly do what aspects of the content, the main product is the parameter information, or industry information category, or provide the needs of users of the service information; the main contents of the website update frequency fast, the frequency of updates can be seen that the degree of attention of the website, for a long time not update the site, may the development trend of the opponent is not too concerned about the site’s main rival; release those aspects, the industry information, video, pictures, music, or news source, analysis of their areas of concern can be seen in their operation strategy, find their market area; whether the site has a user interactive section, user questions the exchange, whether the site has a corresponding content to solve the problem, if the site can be reached and user interaction, this website users The degree of experience is very high, and it is very meaningful to analyze such content.

Analysis of

SEO policies

competitor website analysis is also to look at the level of the opponent, the site’s SEO operating strategy, and can analyze the strength of the opponent, to see whether the opponent has skilled SEO knowledge. The anchor text construction site if there are junk: do not understand the webmaster may think that the construction of a large number of anchor text can improve the keywords ranking, but a lot of accumulation keywords will only lead to cheating; at the same time, using the "more" tab link into the anchor text page list is not friendly, spread the weight of the web site keywords of the main for the user experience, you can use the "more" navigation tags, nofollow tags available to prevent weight transfer. The site does not have a built-in chain: an unskilled SEO owner will isolate the entire site

Two year experience of vertical operation of industry segmentation

walnut business has been running for more than two years now, and in the course of the two years of operation, I personally have more or less small experience, or call it a small experience. Often look at other people’s articles, see webmaster friends of personal very good experience. Today, I also share my little experiences with my friends. Today, I hope that I can play a valuable role in the industry.

founded the forum, cause

with the development of the times, the progress of society. At this stage, with the increasing popularity of the network. The computer has been accompanied by a network into thousands of households, while the man playing walnut growers also seen on the network product sales dawn. But the vast majority of growers sell on the Internet only to Taobao and personal websites. Due to Taobao’s various operating restrictions and personal website and its low level of browsing, resulting in a sale of goods embarrassing situation, while businesses or growers of network sales confidence has been greatly hurt.

in view of the above circumstances, walnut ring (www.hetaoquan.com) according to the advantages of planting base came into being. In this forum, not only sales, but also a kind of equal exchange of warm environment. At the beginning of the forum, the exchange, fair and safe transactions were taken as the breakthrough point. A platform for the sale or communication of players for businesses or growers.

various activities online and offline enliven forum

walnut circle after nearly two years of operation has become a professional man playing walnut Forum Forum in the development process, and always adhere to the starting point of the first forum, equal exchange, fair trading. Now the forum has more than 60 thousand members of friends, the daily volume of over 1000 posts. The forum highlighted cultural based exchanges and made efforts to further develop walnut culture.

network, after all, is virtual, in order to achieve face-to-face real exchanges, we have organized live group activities, engage in nuclear friends exchange, made special promotions. Although there were not many people at the start of the event, or even only one or two friends for the first time, the impact of the photos on the forum was very strong. With many activities have been done, the "walnut ring forum" has had a very good reputation, but also get a good deal reputation. Appropriate to carry out essay activities, the original content of the forum has a very rich role in the search engine optimization also made no small contribution. Of course, in these activities will encounter such and such problems, there have been some things that are not good. But as long as the basis of the interests of members of the circle of friends on the basis of consideration, and always safeguard the interests of members, more is getting more powerful word-of-mouth publicity and reputation enhancement.

to learn from the experience of large sites for their own forum to create value, reputation

has gained the support of friends and is the biggest achievement of forum development. Friends here regard it as their home. Here, friends often discuss and communicate with each other in the process of playing walnut

Online business secrets reputation of the small network operators

who else doesn’t have the experience of shopping online? If you are, that means you’re a little out of touch with the fashion. The convenience and cost performance of online shopping has attracted countless consumers, and has created a large number of network operators.

"2007 Chinese e-businessmen Development Research Report" shows that the number of China’s network has grown to 30 million giant, however, in contrast to the large number, know how to use the network to do business and the real success of the network, accounted for 10%.

in order to stand out in many online stores, we must master the promotion of the Internet age. In order to let more successful owner in the network business, the reporter collects the successful promotion secrets, for open shop owners reference.

has a good name of a good "lot"

, for online stores that depend on the Internet address bar, the web site is like a lot. Have a long and difficult to remember long URLs, like hiding in the shop as neither Backstreet lane, selling to people, it is difficult to find the guest. Therefore, for online shop, a short, good memory, good communication domain name is very important.

in fact, many online shop owners have begun to realize this problem, with 1 yuan of almost zero cost to apply for CN domain name as their online shop entrance and signs. Combined with its own name, such as "I love mobile phone" (5is j.com.cn), Tiffany · (TFY ss.cn); Fashion version of a similar name, so easy to word-of-mouth promotion, visitors can easily find the door.

let your name everywhere

on the Internet has a lot of good, and can not wait for others to find the door. Savvy "owner" should learn to use various channels to disseminate their online address:

makes good use of signature files. For example, left his shop. In the personalized signature QQ and M SN, behind every email text of Internet store address; you can also to the entire network community around, account signature in various sites of the BBS forum posted on the shop.

multiple links. You can exchange links with other owners, the best to choose their own products without direct competition with complementary properties, such as selling infant formula and link exchange alliance sells diapers, increase the chance to be accessed online.

alternative promotion. For example, printed in the target population at the distributed name card sales, let the shop spread wider; such as radio song way in the song the postscript plus "Welcome our shop TFY ss.cn" such information is very clever.

creates a constant brand

operating software Mr. Sun in talking about their own experience, said, do shop more integrity, and establish a reputation brand, otherwise, it is difficult for long. With diamond credibility and no diamond credibility

Talk about what are the categories of advanced network operations

Dongsheng information "to build the Internet automatically make money machine" friends know

learning, the course of the last part devoted to the operating system, from three aspects to help enterprises to build the whole network marketing money machine automatic operation system. If you can have a general idea of network operations before then, you’ll get twice the result with half the time in class. Here’s a look at what network operations.

in a broad sense, all human interventions around the web site are called operations. So, to some extent, the Internet products company has only 3 business units: products, technologies, and operations. The concept of product operation is only possible =, your company or product is based on products, so it is not necessary to operate as a supplement, a lot of people out to do single demolition operations, so collectively referred to as the product operation.

‘s operations are divided into several categories: market operations, user operations, content operations, community operations, and business operations.

market operations: by means of Marketing, through spending money free way, a series of publicity, exposure, marketing and other means of intervention for products. See in a certain degree of money to hit the product, but the money and the market behavior is not equivalent, both non money market behavior, but also throw money other means of operation. This is the main means of operation is often some money away from the enterprise, because only close to the money, there is a complete profit model, will continue to expand investment in the market operation.

user operations: a human centric approach to operations, commonly seen in the UGC community, in a manner that is close to the user, unites users, and guides the user as a means of operation. You will find in the website operators and users are very willing to communicate, funny, chat, gossip, sometimes you don’t know this is the user or the official staff, in the early stage of a product, is very important and active use of their intervention operation personnel.

content operations: there are two ways, one is in the UGC community, the user generated high-quality content, through editing, integration, optimization and other ways of processing, and other means of communication. With this user operations are often complementary to do, for example, you in the know to answer a question, the answer is very exciting, know the students will answer you and others to answer in order, then micro-blog, daily, weekly and other means of communication, which is based on the contents of the heart in the operation.

community operators: the early years I put the community operation and user operations together with other people, but later found that this is actually a problem, because the UGC user oriented operation, and for the general consumer community content operation is two completely different types of work. So I took it out alone. Community operation refers to the consumer oriented community intervention activities, such as the station do an activity ah, ah.. ah draw vote, reprint some good articles to the community in the discussion are considered.. This kind of work is to play to the extreme in the community to fan the flames, leading.

How to enhance brand awareness and enhance user experience in picture station

first introduce myself, I am a deputy general manager of Shanghai science and technology company’s online marketing department, mainly responsible for the customer’s product network promotion project, but due to the recent global economic downturn, several large customers we have reduced advertising costs, reduce the workload. So my boss asked to launch some entertainment station to quickly drive the flow, the contents of no specific restrictions by me to arrange, the only requirement is to let the entertainment station do have brand awareness, to seek long-term development.

the first stage, we mainly launched the picture class website, in accordance with the weight, I am mainly responsible for my sister’s network promotion, to get this project, according to the category of the following plans:


page design: since it is a pure beauty picture stand, not the page design placed too much out of picture elements, 95% page design are currently in the picture, in addition to column navigation, subject name, Links must use words. In addition, the page should be simple and clean, allowing users to access the picture station at the first glance, you can find the pictures you want to see.

brand strategy: each site should establish their own brand, I think as entertainment station to let all the links directly to write their own name; another is the core in the website appeared their name and URL of the website, deepen user memory.

connection: should first consider the link to the site of the quality of the content, if it is directly out of even the pictures are not stored locally, because there is no original content website vitality is not long; secondly, also want to consider the page clean degree, if you open the links page is pop, or advertising content is more than this. You will only reduce intangible user retention rates. We add a lot of high quality website links to do when there is a core condition is to be connected to the "real name" friendship, reject those asked to write "beautiful picture", "beauty portrait" category name is the name of the site link.

content quality: because there are members who are responsible for updating the content, the quality is guaranteed to a great extent. Generally speaking, the updated beauty picture must be above 800X600, and the resolution of self timer and candid picture is above 400X300. Future standards will continue to improve, so that the clarity of the picture. In the content, the most important thing is that pictures must have watermarks, I believe I am right. No matter how perfect you are, note that you don’t want to destroy the details of the original picture, but no watermark will eventually cause your site to develop, and do not prohibit the picture’s chain in case of sufficient bandwidth.

: computer network bandwidth bandwidth abundant, 10-20M bandwidth sufficient to meet the general medium picture station demand, etc. after the web site on IP reached 50 thousand can be considered 100M exclusive, when your income should fully meet the bandwidth expenditure.

advertising settings: Web site >

Store operation should pay attention to what points

actually entrepreneurs in the store, there are a lot of points should be paid attention to, for entrepreneurs, only choose the right operation method and skill, can be lasting profit, so the store operation should pay attention to what point?

A, the location selection of

two, commodity management

three, price management

Coordinated management will

The logistics distribution system of

for the manufacturing enterprises promote the field of business, the logistics distribution system is not required to have such powerful functions, but must meet two basic objectives: first, the normal supply of monopoly business network; secondly, in coordination with the original distribution system.

five, guide management

six, promotion management

seven, store management

All the work

This paper analyzes the intermediate


Jiangsu government decentralization simplify entrepreneurial formalities

for many entrepreneurs in the business, often need to handle a lot of procedures, the government in the past few formalities such tedious, many programs need to go and spend a lot of time, but now can not worry about this problem.

2010 and 2011, Yang Yang has registered advertising and e-commerce companies, from the name, domain name for the record, verification of the accounting firm, to do tax registration, business license, organization code certificate and a series of procedures, but also pay a variety of intermediary service fees, for these things, Yang Yang ran after a more than a month.

with decentralization and accelerate, Yang Yang feel the entrepreneurial environment changed a lot. The commercial system reform, tax registration certificate, business license, organization code certificate of "three in one", before the "multiple windows to run back and forth into a window on the run, all intermediary costs dropped significantly; the reform of the tax system," replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) "after the company’s tax burden reduce half; online government affairs hall the operation of administrative power, matters delegated to cancel many things, not be able to run out of Rugao.

In fact,


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