Echoes of a longago guerrilla war on Nemiah Valley road

first_imgBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsOn Saturday afternoon, a Taseko Mines convoy of trucks and equipment was stopped by an RCMP cruiser on the gravel Nemiah Valley road in British Columbia’s interior.Xeni Gwet’in Chief Marylin Baptiste pulled up alongside the convoy and the RCMP cruiser to inform them that the Taseko contractors and employees would not be welcome on Tsilhqot’in nation territory.“We had discussions back and forth and the company talked to the RCMP and the RCMP talked to me and said they were agreeing to turn around,” said Baptiste, whose community is one of six that make up the Tsilhqot’in nation.The company informed the RCMP earlier in the day that Baptiste would be waiting for the convoy and two officers from the RCMP Alexis Creek detachment went to the area to “keep the peace,” said Sgt. James Anderson.Baptiste said she doesn’t know how the company knew she would be waiting, but Tsilhqot’in members had been keeping an eye on the company’s movements.“I knew that their dozer sitting in Williams Lake had moved and I had every reason to believe they were on their way,” said Baptiste.This was the second weekend in a row a Taseko convoy was turned back on Nemiah Valley road.On Nov. 6, a Taseko convoy was stopped by Baptiste and others. The company claims in a court filing that someone threatened to set fire to the equipment.Nemiah Valley road leads to the planned site of Taseko’s 35 square-kilometre, open-pit gold and copper Prosperity Mine project, which is about 125 kilometres southwest of Williams Lake, B.C.The incidents on Nemiah Valley Road could foreshadow more explosive confrontations.Taseko has been trying for years to dig up the area for gold and copper and it has the full backing of the provincial government.The Tsilhqot’in oppose the project and view it as a threat to their very existence.And the RCMP is aware of the rising tensions.“We at the Alexis Creek RCMP detachment remain neutral on this issue. We do not want to do anything to create a negative impact on our relations with our local First Nations communities,” said Anderson. “The RCMP officers in the command structure above me are well aware of the issue going on at this time.”Taseko has since gone to B.C. court seeking a restraining order against Baptiste and other individuals that try to stop the company from entering the territory, according to a company statement.Taseko could not be reached for comment.The Tsilhqot’in in turn filed for a court injunction to stop Taseko from entering the territory to drill, build roads or excavate test pits until a separate court action comes to a conclusion.The Tsilhqot’in have filed for a judicial review to quash the B.C. provincial government’s decision to give Taseko permits allowing the company to dig the pits and clear timber for roads without first consulting the First Nations whose lands would be impacted.Baptiste said Taseko is planning to drill 59 sites and build 23 kilometres of road and trail while clearing about 1,500 cubic metres of timber.“That is a tremendous amount in destruction of our wetlands in the territory,” said Baptiste.Taseko says it needs to do the work to gather data for the environmental assessment it needs to present to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) which is reviewing its controversial Prosperity Mine project for a second time.The federal cabinet rejected the Prosperity project last year after the agency concluded the project would have a devastating environmental impact on fish habitat and grizzly bear populations in the region.Former environment minister Jim Prentice said at the time that the agency’s report was the “most condemning” he had ever seen. Prentice said the project threatened not only Fish Lake, which Taseko planned to drain, but the entire ecosystem flowing from the lake.Prentice, however, said the company was free to try again.The federal government recently directed the CEAA to review a second proposal from the company.This time the company says it has no plans to drain Fish Lake, but will still destroy Little Fish Lake and parts of Fish Creek by turning them into waste dumps.The company claims it will preserve Fish Lake and its surrounding area while also reducing the mine’s impact on grizzly bear habitat.The company has said it would spend an additional $200 million to relocate its tailings dam and move mine waste around Fish Lake to other locations.Fish Lake, Little Fish Creek and Little Fish Lake are at the headwaters of the Taseko River systems which is one of Canada’s main six producers of sockeye salmon. The system also supports Chinook salmon and endangered stocks of steelhead trout.Taseko said the project will generate over $1 billion in tax revenues to federal and provincial coffers over the 20 to 30 year life-span of the mine. The company said the mine will also generate $340 million in GDP annually and create hundreds of jobs.Taseko has been trying since the mid-1990s to get the mine approved, but has faced resistance, in particular from the federal Fisheries and Oceans department.Baptiste said the Tsilhqot’in feel frustrated the project keeps on finding new life.“We have tried working through the processes respectfully,” said Baptiste. “There is always this uproar about blockades or this or that, but it is not our people who are forcing that, who are choosing such action. It is the federal and provincial governments and industry that is pushing people to no other option.”Baptiste said stopping the Prosperity project is a matter of cultural survival and honour directly linked to the Chilcotin War of 1864.As it is today, the conflict was over gold.Already reeling from an outbreak of smallpox spread by infected blankets sold by traders, the Tsilhqot’in fought to stop the planned construction of a toll wagon road connecting the nascent colony’s Pacific coast to the newly discovered gold fields in the interior.The Tsilhqot’in launched a guerrilla campaign and eventually stopped the road, but it came at a high price. At least 19 European settlers were killed and six Tsilhqot’in chiefs were hanged.“I’m getting flashbacks of 1864,” said Baptiste. “Our war leaders defended our way of life and stopped a road crew. Today, nothing has changed…I am hoping we don’t get to that point.”Baptiste says the Tsilhqot’in will stop the mining project at all costs.“If it weren’t for our war leaders back then, we wouldn’t be who we are,” she said. “That is our honour. We cannot allow the destruction of our land that provides for us.”jbarrera@aptn.calast_img read more

Candidates for School District 59 Board of Trustees

first_imgThe four candidates looking to be elected to the two seats in Electoral Area I are Becky Borton, Jessica Fairful, Crystal Hillton, and Andrea Smith.The three candidates looking to be elected to the two seats in Electoral Area III are Jennifer Lalonde, Angelica Schurmann, and Tamara Ziemer.The five candidates looking to be elected to the two seats in Electoral Area IV are Chad Anderson, Kim Erickson, Darcy Heartt, Travis Jones, and Nicole Soontiens.The local government elections are taking place on October 20th. DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – There will be an election for six of the seven seats on the Peace River South School District’s Board of Trustees.Of the seven seats on the School Board in the South Peace, two represent Electoral Areas I, III, and IV, while Electoral Area II only gets one seat.Roxanne Gulick was the lone candidate to submit nomination papers for Electoral Area II, which serves the Tumbler Ridge area.last_img read more

RKM president unveils exhibition art galleries

first_imgKolkata: Swami Smarananandaji, president Ramakrishna Math and Mission inaugurated the annual exhibition 2019 titled Bharat Parikrama of Swami Vivekananda at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture at Golpark on Monday.He also inaugurated two art galleries at the institute. The sketches were made of line drawing on Swamiji’s travels in India as a wandering monk after the death of Sri Ramakrishna in 1886 till he left for The United States to attend the World’s Parliament of Religions which was held in Chicago in 1893 have been made by Rathin Mitra. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaMitra has donated 138 line drawings to the institute. Inspired by the philosophy of Swamiji since school days, the nonagenarian artist travelled extensively in the country and visited the places where Swamiji had visited before he left for the US. Swamiji stayed in the houses of the kings, senior government officials among others and interacted with people all walks of life. The exhibition tells the story of Swamiji as a wandering monk. In modern India Swamiji was the first person who travelled extensively in the country to know the rich heritage and culture of the ancient country and its people. It will be held till May 4 from 11am to 6pm except Sundays and holidays. It may be mentioned that a museum was recently inaugurated by Swami Suviranandaji, general secretary Ramakrishna math and Mission at Khetri in Rajasthan. The Raja of Khetri Ajit Singh was Swamiji’s disciple and the latter stayed in his palace. Mitra was born in Howrah in 1926. His works have been appreciated both in the country and abroad and exhibitions have been held in different parts in the country, including the Victoria memorial Hall. From the 1980s he started working on the heritage buildings of Kolkata and made their sketches. It was around this time when many of the landmark buildings in the city had been demolished to make room for high-rises.last_img read more

Progressive Conservatives keep majority government in Manitoba election despite NDP gains

WINNIPEG — Brian Pallister and his Progressive Conservatives have won a renewed majority from Manitoba voters to continue a program of cost-cutting and tax reductions.The Tories were projected to capture 30-plus seats in the 57-seat legislature in the election Tuesday.But it appeared to be unlikely that they would match the 40 seats they won in 2016, which was the largest majority in a century in Manitoba and ended 17 years of NDP government.Pallister himself was declared the winner in his Winnipeg constituency of Fort Whyte.The New Democrats were on track to add a handful of seats to the 14 won in 2016 and remain as the Official Opposition. They also improved their share of the vote. Leader Wab Kinew won his seat in Fort Rouge.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.“I’m feeling pretty good tonight,” Kinew told supporters after telephoning Pallister to concede the election. Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew Kevin King/Winnipeg Sun/Postmedia Kinew said the extra seats are a message of support and a shot across Pallister’s bow.“The seats that we took back made it very clear that Manitobans want us, the New Democrats, to not only be the conscience of Manitoba, not only to be the opposition of Manitoba, but to be the progressive voice for Manitoba,” he said to cheers.Kinew ran on a promise of more money for health, education, infrastructure and social programs and accused the PCs of implementing health changes that made the system more chaotic.Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont won in his Winnipeg constituency of St. Boniface but his party was struggling to retain the four seats it had at dissolution.Four is the minimum number needed for official party status, which carries with it extra funding for caucus staff, some allotted committee spaces and time in question period.The Liberals ran on boosting public spending by $1.4 billion or more annually, mainly to aid health care and education.The seats that we took back made it very clear that Manitobans want usLamont, speaking to supporters, said he was proud of his team running a positive campaign that pushed critical issues to the forefront. But he said politics is ultimately an unforgiving “blood sport.”“You can put everything you have into something. You can deliver the best work of your life, and sometimes it’s still not enough. And that’s life. And that’s politics,” he said.“We will continue to build.”Both Lamont and Kinew will face mandatory party leadership reviews.The Green Party of Manitoba was shut out once again in its bid for its first seat. Party leader James Beddome ran and lost against Kinew in Fort Rouge — his fifth attempt at a seat.All but one of Pallister’s cabinet ministers at dissolution were re-elected, including Finance Minister Scott Fielding, Health Minister Cameron Friesen and Justice Minister Cliff Cullen.The election broke new ground for diversity. Manitoba has never had a black MLA but that changed Tuesday when the NDP’s Uzoma Asagwara won.The campaign was a calculated gamble for Pallister, who called the election more than a year ahead of the scheduled voting date.It was a four-week summertime fight that offered few surprises and saw Pallister run a front-runner’s campaign.He participated in only one leaders debate and most of his campaign promises were small additions to measures taken in his first term.The focus was on health care and money.Pallister reduced the provincial sales tax by one point to seven per cent and fulfilled an election promise to reduce annual deficits, but his fiscal restraint has stirred up controversy.Subsidies for everything from public housing to sleep apnea machines to physiotherapy have been cut. Three hospital emergency departments in Winnipeg have been downgraded and no longer handle life-threatening cases such as heart attacks.The New Democrats had promised to reverse some of the changes.Both leaders brought some baggage to the hustings. read more

Football Isaiah Prince adapts to blocking an RPO offense

Ohio State senior right tackle Isaiah Prince answers questions from the media at Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Aug. 28, 2018. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorThe Ohio State football team sat in silence. It had just suffered its first loss of the season, a 49-20 loss on the road at Purdue on Oct. 20. As a captain on the offensive line, Ohio State senior left tackle Isaiah Prince put it on himself to send his teammates into the bye week with a few words of encouragement. “We lost and at Ohio State, we are not used to losing, but I mean, that’s a part of life,” Prince said. “The adversity, you are going to get hit, you gotta get back up. There’s no point in pouting about it, crying about it. You got hit, you lost. We can’t go back in time and change it, so the only thing we can do is fix the mistakes and focus on what you do in the future.” But as Prince leads Ohio State into its Nov. 3 game against Nebraska, he’s not forgetting the loss to Purdue: It is what is driving him. Prince is a self-proclaimed sore loser, a mentality, he said, that comes out in every aspect of life, from video games to bench press reps. He doesn’t like losing. But as a senior lineman used to blocking for a running quarterback, Prince has had to take some losses on the line this season as Ohio State runs a run-pass option with a pocket-passing quarterback. With this offensive approach for the unit as a whole, Prince knows what his job is. “Obviously, we don’t have a running quarterback anymore. We have a quarterback who stands in the pocket and throws, so that’s just what happens on RPOs,” Prince said. “It’s a run first, so my job description is to run block first. He pulled the ball and threw it and I was downfield. That’s our offense now.” But Prince said the problem is when Ohio State is running an RPO, he doesn’t know what the backfield is doing while blocking. With the run block-first mentality, Prince has gotten beat a few times in big ways, including allowing two sacks to Minnesota junior defensive end Carter Coughlin on Oct. 13. For Prince, the mistake was easy to identify. He was run blocking, Coughlin was pass rushing, allowing him to easily get past Prince and get to redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins, something the senior offensive lineman is not proud of. “I’m a guy with a lot of pride. I don’t want to give up any sacks. My goal was to have a no-sack season,” Prince said. “In that situation, there’s nothing I can do. That’s just part of the offense. I mean, the quarterback has to get rid of the ball fast. If he don’t, I mean there’s a reason why he didn’t. You can’t fault him for that. That’s just part of the offense.” As Ohio State prepares for the Cornhuskers, the running game is on the forefront of Prince’s mind, trying to figure out how the five players up front can help make space for sophomore J.K. Dobbins and redshirt junior Mike Weber, both former 1,000-yard running backs. Prince said it could take more downhill running plays, knowing what to do on scheduled rushes to create space, create holes, making it more of a traditional running game. But Prince did say that he will do whatever the coaches tell him to do, whether it’s continuing to play the guess game in RPO blocking or if it’s more of a traditional blocking approach in some cases. For him and his unit, the senior offensive lineman is just eager to perform. “I think everybody on the offensive line is very eager,” Prince said. “That is what we pride ourselves on, it’s toughness. Our program is based on toughness. That’s something we are very excited to get back to.”Instead of leading a quiet locker room, Prince plans to lead an Ohio State offensive line he describes as “pissed off.” However, for a player self-described as one who doesn’t like to talk about himself, Prince seems to want to prove something personally too. He’s pissed off, and he doesn’t like to lose. read more

New Western US mine safety chair

first_imgThe University of Utah has announced the endowment of the Western Mining Presidential Chair in Mine Safety. The $1.5 million endowment is being created through an effort led by  J. Brett Harvey, President and CEO of Consol Energy, and Greg Lang, President of Barrick Gold North America. “In establishing this Endowed Chair in Mine Safety, the University is sending an unmistakable message that the students who endeavor to acquire an education in the School of Mining not only will receive world-class training as mining engineers, but will graduate understanding that safety must be at the cultural core of any successful mining enterprise,” said Harvey. “This is what will be required of the engineering graduates if they are to become our industry’s future leaders.”  The new chair will be part of the university’s Department of Mining Engineering, in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences, and will be filled by someone with skill and experience in mining engineering, mine safety or a closely related discipline. Chair of the Department of Mining Engineering Michael G. Nelson says the creation of the program is long overdue. “We are so grateful to the executives of these two companies, and our other donors, for their concern for the people involved with this important Utah industry,” said Nelson. “Mining involves hazards that can be mitigated, and the knowledge gained and passed on through this endowment chair will do just that.”The holder of the Chair in Mine Safety will provide specific instruction in the technology and practices of modern mine safety for university students, and the mining community at large. Frank H. Brown, dean of the College of Mines and Earth Sciences, is excited about the new mining techniques and preventative measures that are sure to come from the new chair. “The holder of this chair will conduct an active research program, emphasizing worker health and safety in the mining industry,” said Brown. “It’s more than just passing on the best mining practices already in place-it is hoped that, in addition, new life-saving mining techniques will be developed.”last_img read more

Poll Do you give money to charities collecting on the street

first_img Yes (246) Poll Results: It depends on the charity (2259) No (1399)center_img TODAY IS DAFFODIL Day, the annual fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society.Over 4,000 people adorned in yellow will be stationed around the country with buckets and boxes collecting for the charity.Street based charity collections bring in cash and are a great way of raising the profile of an organisation but they are not to everyone’s liking, regardless of the cause.Do you donate money to charities often? Do you only give money to the charities you know? Are you skeptical about where the money goes? Do charity street fundraisers bother you?So today we would like to know, do you give money to charities collecting on the street? YesNoIt depends on the charityVotelast_img read more

Geek deal 25 off Samsung 236inch Samsung 2494LW 1080p LCD Monitor

first_imgAs someone who works on a 13-inch laptop, the thought of having a larger screen sends me into daydream-mode. Dell Small Business is offering the 23.6-inch Samsung 2494LW 1080p LCD Monitor for $159.99, which is $25 and 14 percent off its list price. You’ll also get free shipping with this deal.The monitor features a 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, ultra-slim design, and 5ms response time, which pretty much eliminates any blurring. It offers 1920 x 1080 pixels, and you can customize the stand with its swivel and tilt options. Plus, you’ll be happy to know that it’s ENERGY STAR Qualified, so you can feel good about your purchase, especially since April is Earth Month).AdChoices广告Buy the Samsung 2494LW monitor from LogicBUYlast_img read more

Food alert over frozen mini sausage rolls which may contain pieces of

first_img 14 Comments Image: Shutterstock/Richard M Lee Apr 5th 2019, 10:04 PM By Stephen McDermott THE FOOD SAFETY Authority of Ireland has issued an alert over Greggs 16-pack Mini Sausage Rolls.The alert was issued after it emerged that the sausage rolls may contain small pieces of plastic.The plastic could present a choking hazard, which the authority said made it unsafe to eat and presented a safety risk.The affected packs, sold exclusively in Iceland stores, weigh 433g and have a batch code of 18334 and a best before date of 30 November, 2019.The FSAI has advised those who have bought the product not to eat it and to return it to the store where it was purchased. Friday 5 Apr 2019, 10:04 PM Food alert over frozen mini sausage rolls which may contain pieces of plastic The FSAI has advised those who have bought the product not eat it. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share277 Tweet Email 44,119 Views https://jrnl.ie/4579777 Short URL Image: Shutterstock/Richard M Leelast_img read more

Les sourires forcés mauvais pour la santé

first_imgLes sourires forcés mauvais pour la santé Des chercheurs américains se sont intéressés à la façon dont une bonne humeur forcée, dans le cadre du travail, peut influer sur la santé des individus. Leurs travaux leur ont permis d’observer un impact néfaste de cet effort quotidien.Publiée dans l’Academy of Management Journal, cette étude a porté sur un groupe de chauffeurs de bus. Toute la journée, ils doivent se forcer à sourire, rester polis avec les usagers, mais aussi faire preuve de diplomatie. Les chercheurs ont alors observé les comportements des chauffeurs lorsqu’ils affichaient une bonne humeur de façade, puis lorsque leurs sourires étaient sincères, accompagnant des pensées positives.Ils ont alors constaté un impact néfaste de la bonne humeur forcée, qui engendre une importante baisse de la productivité. L’effort que demande un sourire de façade déconcentre en effet le sujet, et selon l’étude, les femmes sont plus touchées par ces effets négatifs que les hommes. Professeur en management à l’université du Michigan, Brent Scott estime que “la tendance à extérioriser leurs émotions” des femmes, rend l’effort encore plus difficile. En outre, plus une personne tente de cacher ses pensées négatives, plus son humeur se dégrade. Un effort qui à terme peut engendrer stress et dépression.Le 24 février 2011 à 17:38 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 607 EPISODE 38 Difficult Marriages

first_imgBarbie’ Friends They came with the sad news; “The unimaginable has happened.”Barbie; “Am died what the unimaginable news?”Fatima; “Collins…!”Barbie; “Collins fought with his dad again?”Fatima; “Collins is no more.”Barbie; “What do you mean that Collins is no more?”Fatima: Sobbing she said; “Collins is dead, cold died he is in the morgue.”She flattened herself on the ground Barbie flattened herself and cried herself out; “They have killed him my dad is among them he is now happy they are  all happy now; where is my Collins now? I can never be happy without him, he loved me without a fault, dad, dad, I’ll never forgive you for denying me the privilege to talk and console my love before I lost him forever.”Collins was mourned by everyone even those who never know him because of his youthfulness; the relatives and family came with his corpse to bury it in his father compound because that is the tradition but daddy Bruce refused.Maria, She is very angry with her father; “Daddy I am very disappointed with you, how can you refused to bury your first son and you know it is a demand of tradition.?”Daddy Bernard; “Cordilia talk to your daughter she is my angel I don’t want to curse her.”Maria She is aggrieved with his parents sulkily she went to her room she wore a black mourning dress to their displeasure.Aminata Maggie: She came to their father and rebuked him: “You are nothing but a beast how can you reject your son alive and also in death? I have to see you in court you have to do it.”Daddy Bernard; “I am waiting for you Barrister, Didn’t I trained all of you? I am waiting for you in court sue me if you don’t mind you’ll go the way of Collins all of you are nothing to me I don’t blame you your mother is a bad woman she is the one pushing you to all this mayhem.”Sep Mum Maama Cordilia add insult to injury; “Daddy Bernard all your children are the same you have to show them that you are their father not their mate they cannot just come here and address you anyhow.”Daddy Bernard; He took steam and talked tough to Aminata; “I am going to surprise all of you. We shall see.Aminata; “You shall not live to hear  the story instead of praying for peace to reign you are spreading the fire to ravage everything  you are such a wicked woman  I never want to hear your evil side I give you the benefit of the doubt but here you are doing exactly what the others had accused you off, your end will not be pitiable just wait and see.”Daddy Bernard; “You are here threatening my wife! Nothing will happen to her she will live to witness your downfall every child of your mother I promise you that, you are now a practicing barrister  but you’ll never be married and I’ll see to that.”Aminata “If your type is left I rather be a single not to be a married spinster that’s what you made of my mom. The law of Khmer will visit both you and your second family.”Daddy Bernard “It will visit you first then we will welcome him.”Aminata: “Cordilia! I am coming for you be ready for me.”Chief Michael He went to his friend and beg him, “Now that Collins is dead allow the family to bury him in your compound as tradition demands.”Daddy Bernard; “When Collins was disrespecting and disowning me did you talk to him? He was going to be your son-in-law did you talk to him? Get out of my compound are you not a hypocrite?”Chief Michael; He apologized to his daughter; “Chief Bernard is really a beast, I never knew him to be like this I always give him the benefit of the doubt he drove me out of his house. I am sorry Collins was wrong by his father.”Barbie; She blamed her father ; “You made me lost Collins he needed me before his last breath I’ll never forgive you for being an accomplice.”Chief Michael He stooped before his daughter and begged for forgiveness; “I have left him I’ll never be his friend again.”The Elders The elders of the family went again to beg for a change of heart; “You are all hypocrites when Collins was misbehaving where were you? Go and bury him elsewhere but not to my compound. Cordilia get me my gun.”  All the elders  ran for dear life. “This is an abomination!” They all cried.The Side Chick She was eavesdropping everything and give him courage and support while he disrespects and insults the elders; “Get me my gun.” The elders ran away and she laughed at them.The Elders They went to the lawful wife and counseled her. To be Cont.last_img read more

Is This the Worst Time Cover Ever

first_imgTime magazine—home to such modern self-marketing marvels as the Person of the Year franchise—has put together a self-deprecatingly fun interactive slideshow. Tapping its 85-year archive of covers, the magazine is enlisting a reader vote on the worst Time cover of all-time.Some of them, like the one on the right, I actually like.And while it’s not going to make any ex-art directors too happy, the feature is, as they say on the Internet, “sticky.”last_img

DOD Hawaii Share Ambition to Adopt Renewables

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Hawaii Gov. David Ige’s bold plan to supply 100 percent of the state’s electricity requirements from renewable sources by 2045 has been embraced by residents, the state’s major utility and one key stakeholder — the military.DOD installations have been striving to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels for more than a decade, so it’s hardly surprising the military supports Hawaii’s initiative. The state’s plan can be expected to reinforce the Pentagon’s drive to reduce its vulnerability to interruptions in the commercial grid, especially since about 50 percent of the electricity generated in Hawaii is used to power military installations, reports the Nation.One specific risk the state’s shift to renewables should address is the danger posed by tsunamis and rising sea levels stemming from climate change. All of the state’s energy plants are located on the islands’ coasts, Amanda Simpson, executive director of the Army’s Office of Energy Initiatives, told the audience at the Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summit in Honolulu this week.The planned 50-megawatt, biofuel-capable, power generation plant at Schofield Barracks would be Hawaii’s only energy plant built inland, Simpson said.  The department also is hoping to partner with the state and entrepreneurs to develop new technologies that will ease the adoption of renewables, according to the story.last_img read more

Automotive journalist Davey Johnson is missing and heres how you can help

first_imgDavey Johnson Veteran automotive journalist and friend of Roadshow Davey G. Johnson has been missing since Wednesday, June 5. He was last heard from at 8:30 a.m. that morning, when he sent a text message to a friend.Johnson’s last known location was a rest stop off California Highway 49 near Mokelumne Hill. The Calaveras County Sheriff recovered Johnson’s motorcycle — a Honda CB1000R press bike he was testing for Motorcyclist magazine — on Saturday. His phone, laptop and some clothing were later found nearby.The Calaveras Country Sheriff’s Office said Sunday it would expand the search area, and has enlisted the help of Amador County Search and Rescue, the Calaveras County Marine Safety Division and California Highway Patrol H20. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the search and rescue operation.”He is so full of life and I’ve just never met anyone like him,” Johnson’s girlfriend, automotive journalist Jaclyn Trop, told CBS This Morning in an interview Monday. “There are just so many questions that we have.”Davey Johnson is a well-known automotive journalist, with bylines at Jalopnik, Autoweek, Car and Driver and more. He is a friend to all of us at Roadshow, and we are beyond hopeful for his safe return.Anyone with information is urged to contact the Calaveras County Sheriff at 209-754-6500.Originally published June 10.Update, June 20: It is with great sadness that we confirm Davey Johnson was found dead on Thursday, June 20, near Mokelumne Hill, California. Tags Share your voice More From Roadshow 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Car Industrycenter_img Comments 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous 2 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything betterlast_img read more

Sun TV Shares Drop 26 on NSE after MHA Denies Security Clearance

first_imgSoon after the Ministry of Home Affairs struck down Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry’s proposal seeking clearance to 33 television channels of Kalanithi Maran-promoted Sun TV Network, its stocks slumped 26% on Monday morning.The Sun TV shares touched a 52-week low of ₹257.45 on National Stock Exchange (NSE).The crash was the result of refusal by the Home Ministry, which is likely to shut down the channels as it may lead to cancellation of their broadcasting license. The Network had applied for the renewal of its broadcasting license for 10 years.The Home Ministry is said to have denied the proposal in the wake of ongoing CBI investigation against Kalanithi Maran and his brother Dayanidhi Maran in the Aircel-Maxis case and also an Enforcement Directorate case of money laundering.The Maran brothers are facing another CBI probe for allegedly allotting 300 high-speed Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) telephone lines to the residence of former Communications and Information Technology Minister Dayanidhi Maran in Chennai, which were extended to his brother’s channel, PTI reports.The Network is now dependent on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is the only one who can overrule MHA’s decision. If not, the Maran brothers can seek legal recourse to prevent their channels from shutting down.last_img read more

PM Modi launches BJPs nationwide membership drive in Varanasi

first_img“…I will visit the Virtual Museum at Man Mahal. Situated near the iconic Dashashwamedh Ghat, this is a cultural landmark of the city. It showcases aspects of our great cultural heritage,” tweeted PM Modi, referring to the riverside ghats in Varanasi popular with devotees and tourists.The drive, which will conclude on August 11, will see the participation of many senior leaders. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will participate in the drive in Jaipur, party president and Home Minister Amit Shah in Hyderabad and Union Road Minister Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur. Smriti Irani will be in Amethi to launch the drive at Gauriganj party office.Earlier, on May 27, the Prime Minister visited Varanasi for the first time after he won the Lok Sabha elections by a huge margin of 4.79 lakh votes to thank the people for reposing faith in him and offered prayers at the famous Kashi Vishwanath temple.PM Modi’s visit comes a day after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget in Parliament, citing the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government’s vision of taking India to a $5 trillion economy in five years. PM Modi will be received by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Governor Ram Naik, BJP working president JP Nadda and Union Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey at the Varanasi airport. He will land at around 10 am following which he will inaugurate a statue of former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri at the airport of the temple town in Uttar Pradesh. This will be followed by a tree-plantation campaign, “Anand Kanan”.Around 5,000 party workers will gather at Deendayal Upadhyaya Trade Facilitation Centre in Bada Lalpur to listen to PM Modi’s address, where he will launch the membership drive and facilitate some of the party workers.Party vice-president Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that anyone can become a member by giving a missed call on a mobile number or by filing a form. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking at the drive’s launch in Varanasi.Twitter/BJPPrime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) mega membership drive in Varanasi on Saturday, July 6. This was PM Modi’s maiden visit to his constituency Varanasi after taking oath as the Prime Minister for the second time.The drive, which aimed at increasing the party’s membership by 20 per cent, marked the birth anniversary of BJP’s founder Syama Prasad Mukherjee.Taking to Twitter, the PM on Friday said, “On the Jayanti of our inspiration, Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee, the @BJP4India Membership Drive will begin. I will be joining the programme in Kashi to mark the same. This drive will further connect people from all walks of life with the BJP family. It will strengthen our party.”last_img read more

Karnataka Speaker Ramesh Kumar disqualifies 14 rebel MLAs

first_imgKarnataka Speaker KR Ramesh KumarTwitterIn a major setback to the rebel MLAs, Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar disqualified fourteen dissident MLAs from Congress and JD(S) on Sunday, July 28. The Speaker in his new verdict has disqualified Narayana Gowda, BC Patil, Byrati Basavaraj, BC Patil, Pratapgouda Patil, Shivaram Hebbar, H Vishwanath, Anand Singh, R Roshan Baig, Munirathna, R Shankar, ST Somashekhar, MTB Nagaraj, Gopalaia, Shrimant Patil and K Sudhakar.A total number of 17 MLAs have been disqualified. The disqualified MLAs will not be able to contest elections till the term of the fifteenth assembly is over. The Speaker said it only took him two days to pronounce the verdict. “We issued a notice to all MLAs after the party leaders complained that the MLAs defied the whip which was issued against them,” he said. The rebel MLAs are reportedly planning to move the Supreme Court over the disqualification. The Speaker, before giving his verdict, said that he was slipping into depression due to the pressure to decide on the resignations of rebel MLAs.last_img read more

Facebook bans Myanmar army chief main military channel

first_imgMyanmar`s Commander in Chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing salutes as he attends an event in Yangon. ReutersFacebook banned Myanmar’s army chief and other top military brass on Monday after a UN investigation recommended they face prosecution for genocide for a crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.The site is the prime source of news and information for many in a country that only recently came online following nearly half a century of military rule.But it has also been a platform for the army and Buddhist hardliners to spread hate speech and incendiary posts against the stateless Rohingya and other minorities.The site aired support for the military’s bloody “clearance operations” last year that forced some 700,000 Rohingya over the border into Bangladesh.UN investigators lambasted the platform earlier this year, saying it had morphed into a “beast” in Myanmar.In recent months the tech giant has embarked on a huge PR campaign, admitting it has often been too slow to take down inflammatory posts.It blacklisted two firebrand Buddhist monks and an Islamophobic group notorious for spreading anti-Muslim propaganda.But this is the first time it has touched the country’s military.“We are banning 20 Burmese individuals and organizations from Facebook-including Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, commander-in-chief of the armed forces,” the platform said, adding that it wants to prevent them from using the service to “further inflame ethnic and religious tensions”.Facebook has some 18 million accounts in the country of 51 million people and is also relied on heavily by the government to make announcements.Army chief Min Aung Hlaing had two active Facebook accounts, one boasting 1.3 million followers and the other 2.8 million.Posts in both English and Burmese would refer to the Rohingya as “Bengali”, implying they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and helping reinforce the idea they do not belong in mainly Buddhist Myanmar.His pages also featured denials of atrocities during the crackdown, which was justified by the army as a legitimate means of rooting out Rohingya militants.Both accounts were taken down immediately as the explosive UN report circulated.The accounts of five other top military leaders specifically mentioned in the report were also blacklisted.A total of 18 Facebook accounts-not all the individuals listed in the ban had a presence on the network-one Instagram account and 52 Facebook pages were removed.The accounts were followed by a total of almost 12 million people, Facebook said, adding that data had been preserved.Rights groups have long criticised the platform for taking days to delete malicious posts, by which time many had gone viral.These include calls for the killing of a Muslim journalist and the spreading of messages to both Buddhists and Muslims saying that the other community was preparing to attack them.The UN report singled out Facebook for its “slow and ineffective” response.It also strongly criticised civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi for failing to use her position and moral authority to stand up for the Rohingya against the military.Neither the commander-in-chief nor the president’s office could be reached for comment.last_img

Sports Monday Astros Place Carlos Correa And Colin Moran On Disabled List

first_img Share The Astros shuffled player assignments with the injuries to shortstop Carlos Correa and third baseman Colin Moran, but still managed to win two out of three games in their weekend series with the Baltimore Orioles. Carmelo Anthony continues to be rumored in trade talks with the Rockets. And the Houston Dynamo have won their first road game. We discuss those and other developments in Houston sports with Jeff Balke, who writes for Houston Press and Houstonia Magazine.last_img

PRESSROOM NABJs Call for Diversity at CNN Grows

first_imgWritten by NNPAWASHINGTON, D.C. – Color of Change, a national online force driven by more than 1.4 million members, is joining the National Association of Black Journalists’ (NABJ) call for a civil rights audit at CNN and more black representation among its news leadership.“When there’s more of us in the room fighting for our stories to be told, and raising awareness about the issues impacting our communities, we have an even better chance of creating change and ending the practices that unfairly hold us back,” said Color of Change in a statement released on Twitter. “We support @NABJ as they call for a civil rights audit and put pressure on @CNN President Jeff Zucker to make diversity and inclusion improvements at the network.”“The National Newspaper Publishers Association is in full support of equal and fair treatment of blacks in the media and stands solidly behind NABJ’s efforts to diversify CNN.”Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., with more than 120,000 members, has also joined the fight. In a statement released today, the organization said it “shares the concern of the National Association of Black Journalists about the lack of black representation within the ranks of CNN’s executive news managers and direct reports to CNN President Jeff Zucker. As an organization specifically concerned with the issues affecting the African-American community, we lend our voices to those who would encourage constructive dialogue regarding creating an inclusive workplace at CNN.”One of America’s foremost civil rights, religious and political figures the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., also made comments on the issue on Twitter, stating, “@CNN Pres Zucker refused to meet w/a 4-person @NABJ delegation. There are no Af-Am direct reports. There are no Af-Am Exec Prods @CNN. There are no VPs on the news side. There are no Af-Am Sr VPs on the news side of @CNN. Do not crush the darkness. Fight back with shifting eyes.”Also lending its voice on Twitter is the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), which is the trade association of more than 200 African-American-owned community newspapers from around the United States.NNPA President Dr. Benjamin Chavis Jr. tweeted: “NNPA supports the NABJ and NAACP #DiversityAndInclusion @CNN #EndRacism #MediaExclusion #RacialDiscrimination.”NNPA’s Chairman and Chicago Crusader Publisher Dorothy Leavell, provided the following statement: “The National Newspaper Publishers Association is in full support of equal and fair treatment of blacks in the media and stands solidly behind NABJ’s efforts to diversify CNN.”Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) also has spoken out on NABJ’s efforts.“The people of this country depend on our news organizations to deliver unbiased & fair reporting,” she said on Twitter to her nearly 60,000 followers. “That is impossible without equal representation. I stand behind @NABJ’s investigation into the lack of diversity within CNN’s leadership. #MediaDiversity.”News organizations from around the world have reported on NABJ’s call for more diversity in CNN’s executive leadership. Thousands of social media users, including actress and comedian Marsha Warfield, economist and social commentator Dr. Julianne Malveaux, and spiritual leader and activist Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, have engaged in dialogue around NABJ’s call for CNN to prioritize diversity and inclusion.In an NAACP statement released March 6 in support of NABJ, the organization underscored NABJ’s concerns: “CNN’s lack of black representation in leadership roles is troubling and another example of the media industry’s reluctance to address an issue that continues to plague newsrooms across the country.”Read our March 5 statement here.Read our March 7 statement here.About NABJ The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of black journalists worldwide. Founded by 44 men and women on December 12, 1975, in Washington, D.C., NABJ is the largest organization of journalists of color in the nation.last_img read more