Website ranking drop after Countermeasures

page had to sayIn fact, this

4: is the same industry beyond

first check the site within the URL path design structure is reasonable, generally URL path to design brief, which is beneficial to the search engine spiders crawling and crawling content. If the design is not reasonable, no rules included in the site will be relatively poor, included low naturally affect the ranking. And the dead links every day or week to check the website, see if there are a lot of dead link and invalid connections, these connections will affect the user experience and the engine spiders. This phenomenon slowly let the search engine spiders antipathy, will affect the site included, the worst case website will be right down, check the dead links to webmaster tools can query, if the term does not check the website ULR dead links lead to death too much, and you happened to have to do 404 page (the author suggest that you must do 404 pages, this is the search engine, it suggested) your site’s ranking can not

really do not want to write down, but there is no way, or there are so many novice webmaster and some fluky Adsense will to make this mistake, I have more >


5: the construction of the chain

not only in the Internet, many industries are, if you in the same place it will be beyond peer, this is the same truth, so do not satisfy the current situation, to continue to surpass themselves, only in this way, your site will be enduring.


? This The

love Shanghai new algorithm on the line, there will be many sites are love Shanghai right down, some site directly by K off, some website ranking drop, Shanghai dragon a lot of uncertain factors, such as website rankings and not make up can guarantee not to fall down, due to various factors, the website ranking will be up and down, so when the website ranking suddenly drop down, how should we analyze the reasons? Only to find reasons to find a solution.

3: website vulnerabilities

301 content and cheatingThe


site is a security vulnerability, if the site code design is not good, it is easy to expose the problem, the website was hacked, or being attacked by some invaders added some black chain. Once a virus, the search engine will fall right on the website, this ranking will also affect the site.

2:URL and 404

website uses the original article, do not use the acquisition or pseudo original cheating methods, by gathering will eventually have to be treated, wrote this think of a thing, someone asked me, now it is not cheating with the jump, I do not say this as you know, is to rely on some black hat cheating. Take a stand ranking and weight increase after 301 jump to another with a white hat Optimization Website, this means to tell the truth, in the past can be, now, love Shanghai can not clear

Stone Ji Magical site layout rankings and conversion rate


usually have optimal people speak website is content is king, the chain for the emperor. In fact, this sentence is not wrong. If this can do so is very good, can make a website up and get a good flow. But, only better, not the best, this is not the best way to absolute. If more sophisticated website layout words that will make the website ranking, flow rate and conversion rate over a matter.

finished layout found some sites as well as a place where there is no use, the lower right corner of the site, is the most easily overlooked place in general. This time someone love put some industry things, actually do it on the website of the ranking didn’t help much, he will reduce the correlation between the site keywords, the search engine will think you are not related to the punishment on the website. The user will think you are not professional, will consider your services, professional products, will also be considered. No matter from the whole or local sites should consider the relationship with the key words.

is convenient for the user to allow the user to enter the site for the first time to find what you want. Sometimes need to be festival, when the site to make the corresponding activities to the convenience of users, allowing users to open the first glance to see what you want, for example: 3.8 women’s Day is coming, if the web site you can do this in to the website now to change for small, with the 302 temporary redirect 3.8 women’s Day activities on the site of the upper left corner. It is convenient for the user to first find what they want.

a few days ago I wrote an article "the stone Ji: Interpretation of the secret behind the" love Shanghai snapshot told us how to see the snapshot information, it is also a key secret, because Shanghai will be conducive to the segmentation principle of love can not be divided into key words in different colors in the snapshot, at the same time in the web site keywords where there are colors, we can see the convenient layout keywords from here, the general target keywords layout in the upper left corner of the site, a conspicuous place. The user’s browsing habits from left to right, from top to bottom. When we layout keywords should also be like this layout.

3. websites and all things do not

1. target keywords optimization method


2. navigation as much as possible for the sake of users


4. user

web site to the user’s mind to the layout, general users into the site will find what we will provide the corresponding things to him. I like go shopping in a store at a glance, panoramic view. Things neatly, what the customer wants to choose their own. Our website should be like this, finishing a good website content, the navigation bar is written, then finished the classification according to the needs of users in order to put up. The user’s convenience but also in enhancing the user experience of the website.

Not related to

Winter Shuabing North meichuang circle spring where investors voteHow should I find more referrals i

"traveler" entrepreneurs, namely with the trend of the public to join the venture entrepreneurs, many of them may not create a great enterprise, but to a good situation to do a large. Not much said here.

has not ended in the first quarter of 2016, and the venture capital circle in America has been flooded with more negative market signals:

"passer by" investors are emerging investors in the past few years as the economy grows. These investors are individuals with high net worth. Because they saw the potential of early investments with high returns, they began to invest in angels, even though they had limited technology and business models for their companies. They have joined either the Crowdfunding platform or the Angel Club, but the common thing is that they invest a lot of money in start-ups. On top of that, the Fed has kept interest rates constant

this article aims at the current venture capital situation in North America, lists and interprets some of the possible causes of capital winter, and explores the opportunities for investors in this case.

you can also set up a blog to promote the project, better known as NetEase, sh419, Sina skyline, blog and so on, these places have gathered a lot of popularity, if you can write some soft Wen is also a good way to attract visitors.

‘s entrepreneurial boom in the past few years blew valuations of early projects, and the desire and admiration for entrepreneurship climbed to an unprecedented height. And now financing is more difficult for start-ups, O2O companies frequently face death, "capital winter" topic is full of major technology media.

traveler tourist, literal meaning is very good understanding, is in the industry brief "join in the fun" crowd. This industry "traveler" in both entrepreneurs and investors exist.

to post propaganda, or through the to find more people to become your downline, also can go to download a free e-mail software, by sending promotional materials to achieve the purpose of promotion, as long as there are more people see you, there will be more opportunities for them to become your at a lower level.

·: from the digital point of view, the valuation of start-up companies is undergoing a major adjustment: professional social networking LinkedIn market capitalization evaporated by 40%; big data company Tableau market capitalization is only half of the original;

– this article from 99 Wangzhuan network: 99earn.org/experience/2009/1223/212.html

How to find ?

can invest some money to do advertising, the advertising forum inside the rent, usually home will have a lot of advertising, the forum now has dozens of advertising pictures, the effect is not very good, because there are too many advertisements, the members did not know that which is good, Adsense suggestions this method is not the best.

· from the start-up company point of view, after 15 years since Evernote closed down, more once Unicorn such as Dropbox, Gilt, etc. gradually decline;

pictures, data sources, Upfront, VC, attitude survey,

if you want to do your best offer on advertising to some traffic and more professional websites, such as net Wangzhuan it every day, traffic, advertising in the above effect is excellent, the station has also been done, can bring hundreds of traffic every day, still can.

How to find more money in the offline

in short, no matter what method you use, as long as you can find the line on the line, with subordinates is the most important factor in making money online, how much money you can earn depends on how many subordinates you have.

There is some

capital winter is difficult to explain with a single reason or theory. Here mainly introduces one of the reasons for the emergence of a large number of industry "passers-by" participation.

in addition, the famous investor Mark Suster interviewed 150 active investors. The survey consulted these people about the 2016 venture, with only 18% of investors optimistic about it, while 82% expressed some level of alarm and concern about the 2016 venture.

capital winter is how to produce


is offline, you become Wangzhuan subordinate registered through referral link, this part referred to as your downline, they can help me make money, so we are constantly looking for more referrals to make money together, we can see the importance level, basically every project can get commission, from the line in different proportion, and the support of the series is different from one level to the ten level of all, especially the hook project special grades.

network? Today to talk about some personal opinion quite good method, different methods have different characteristics, specific how should you choose a specific analysis of China.

line, a lot of people are asked, still have to say, first of all you can go to the relevant forum published a publicity card, put your project to make a presentation, link belt, general forum popular posts, can also exist for long time. This will have a greater chance of being seen by others, it is a practical method for offline, you can have a try.

Ji Yuan capital Tong how to copy the millet model abroadFor the daily excellent fresh cold chain hom

to this day, the lyrics and the scene are still alive in his mind. At that time, laugh at the world arena, a longitudinal Chu a generation of taiwanese. It was only Tong Shihao who had never thought of himself after three years, and now he was on the road of wandering alone in a foreign land. 14 years in Taiwan, 16 years in the United States, 4 years in Hongkong and Singapore, 8 years in the mainland – the tortuous journey that began in Asia and ended in Asia, has accomplished him today.

he has participated in the creation of the Dragon state logistics, express delivery, speed express and Dragon letter logistics and other four express logistics company. Geek fast delivery has been founded by Liu Qiang fifth courier companies, this time, his entrepreneurial direction is the city cold chain logistics.

business failure is not lost: the Internet has the opportunity to

at the same time, U.S. stocks began to fall across the board, is about to collapse, down to the bottom. The accumulation of a century of Carnival and dreams had been broken, foam instant will be required to have. "When stocks began to fall, companies that were interested in you began to lose interest, and the traditional industry had some illusions about the internet." Tong Shihao says.

in the back to the mainland, Tong Shihao served in the 7 years, Qiming, he has led the investment millet, where customers and a car rental hi star enterprise. In October 2013, children Shihao to span in both China and the U.S. GGV capital GGV partners, attention to entrepreneurial companies and domestic Silicon Valley, try to copy foreign mode of reverse Chinese.

Ji Yuan capital partner Tong Shihao

among them, logistics nodes and trunk design affect the whole logistics cost and efficiency. Send the geek distributed storage mode, the goods from the factory, the first will be sent to the warehouse after sorting, sorting by warehouse delivery to the warehouse pre distribution outlets, and finally by the end of the logistics distribution to consumers. The sorting warehouse with 0~5 and 18 degree multiple refrigeration, hotlinked temperature zone, independent of each other, with pre storage cold chain facilities.

at the time, he ran an electric company called Asia2B, and a group of aspiring young people who wanted to change the world with their ideas, but reality was a big hit. Although the company has spent a lot of money, it is trying to find a business model

, fast development of the city to send geek F2C mode: constant temperature cold chain to open up businesses end city factories or city warehouse, shipped directly from the factory or warehouse, down deep in the last kilometer of cold chain logistics, implemented by the city with factory direct users, direct series from the B end and C end consumer businesses factory.

if the Han Wang

Liu Qiang is a more than 20 year old courier veteran.



not only has a low level of development, but also faces uneven development of urban cold chain. Liu Qiang believes that the current cold chain transportation on the market is mainly based on to B business, less to C business. From the type of view, in addition to SF, Jingdong such as logistics giants began exploring the outer system establishment, cold chain logistics and other basic can be divided into two categories: one is the merchant self logistics, is a place of cold chain logistics. The merchant faced self built logistics cost is high, the cycle is long, the lack of expertise and professional talent scarcity dilemma; local cold chain logistics are often based on a single city, the network can not be formed, it is difficult to service national brand.

iResearch data show that in 2016, China’s local living O2O industry market size reached 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan. It involves cold chain transportation, such as vegetables, fresh vegetables, cakes, flowers, drinks, special medicine and so on. It is predicted that the market will exceed 150 billion.


"ocean wash my mind, and I was gone….. Qianshan not with me alone." When the sunset on the streets of Taipei, 10 year old Tong Shihao and buddy walking in the crowd, like singing loudly self-assured or supercilious, that he had a clear and free, without feeling full in my heart. They sang drunkenly, a little sun light convergence, the last hint of unbridled shine in their face.

November 2014, geeks rushed to set up in Shanghai, focusing on providing the city O2O with constant temperature transportation, warehousing and distribution, has opened the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other four cities. The project is currently ongoing A round of financing, by Zhuo brand capital investment advisory professional under the small table runner served as the exclusive financial advisor.

terminal logistics is also an important part of cold chain distribution. Many cold chains are delivered by placing frozen mineral water in the distribution box, and then covered with a quilt or covered with foam

however, there is still a clear gap between China’s cold chain development and developed countries. Data show that China’s total number of cold chain vehicles is only 1/3 of the United States, the per capita capacity of cold storage is 1/5 of the United states.

on 70s last century, Taiwan, the era of Jiang Jingguo debt, "ten years of construction" stage, Taiwan economy began to take off. After experiencing repression and silence in 60s, Taiwanese came to the golden age of ideology and culture, and respected the spirit of freedom. Tong Shihao’s invasion which he sang, is the 79 edition of "Chu Liuxiang" theme song.

March 2000, Singapore, a late morning, Tong Shihao sitting alone at home, a lamp, a laptop and a not yet completed PPT. 70 employees bear the pressure to survive, his sleepless, lost, helpless, throw the helve after the hatchet. As soon as daylight comes, he will walk into the conference room and negotiate with Singapore Telecom, Philippines Telecom and Thailand Telecom to sell his company at a reasonable price.

Based on this

why is cold chain

Chinese grassroots Entrepreneurs use coffee station registration company to wear shoes to workEntrep

in his view, 2014 is China’s "first year of entrepreneurship", all industries and fields of talent, all investment funds are felt unprecedented entrepreneurial heat wave, entrepreneurs have come to the front desk.

when I started creating SOOMLA, I didn’t feel it was difficult to raise money. Because in 2008, when I created the first company with others, I was still green in this field. And now I have more experience, and cohesion of a strong team, our business model has been recognized, network resources are not bad. So, I think this round of financing is certainly easy to get.

Li, When

the reason is simple: in addition to being angels, they usually have another full-time job for example, CEO in other companies or entrepreneurs who sell start-ups. One of my investors doesn’t even have information on Linkedin. In fact, any manager of a big company can be an angel, but they don’t know it yet.

now, he has published his own financing experience on his personal blog for more people to understand.

reviewed the executive meeting of the State Council this year, and found that reform and innovation are high frequency words. Major reform initiatives have been introduced, demonstrating the two

"this is really a wonderful time."." Real fund founder Xu Xiaoping said.

Li Hui company Mack CRM is a customer information management tool, there are currently 50 thousand corporate customers, including China Construction Bank, Chinese China Mobile such big". This past year, the number of users by over 10 times, the average daily PV over 15 times.

, a young girl who left college last year, will wear a pink woolly hat and go to work wearing sneakers. She will be depressed because she sees the upper limit of her abilities. But her courage is directly proportional to her youth. The reason why she chose to start a business was simple. "We have the strength and the mentality to start a job with just one computer, and this computer already exists — why don’t you start doing it?"

convinces private investors to be different from persuading VC. Most of the angels you face are accomplished, dedicated to building a foundation and helpful. But they do not want to be treated as agents of their own property. When you are in contact with the angels, respect them already

found the angel investor, I felt that the investment negotiation would be the same as usual, but I was wrong again.

"off the public business, grassroots 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land in the pioneering new wave", the 2014 Summer forum Davos Premier Li Keqiang held in Tianjin said. The Standing Committee of the State Council in December 3rd, he further said, "Chinese to economic transformation and upgrading, to move the high-end, the key is to play Chinese thousands on thousands of wisdom, the" active "fully mobilized."

find the angel: seize every opportunity,

I entered the meeting room, told him, hoping to get his investment because he recently put his company to eBay, the hand should have the funds, but I eat cold-shoulder treatment. He has money, and for tax reasons, if he uses the money for investment, it will be more economical. What’s the problem,


angel investors are very low-key, even little-known.

, 25, stumbled into the wave of entrepreneurship. Fortunately, China is looking forward to this "punch".

contact with angels: give full respect to

raising money has never been easy. Changing all the time. Starting in 2012, getting money has become harder. I soon realized that if I wanted to raise capital for SOOMLA, I had to make some adjustments.

introduction: Yaniv Nizan, author of this article, is an entrepreneur who provides an internal consumption solution for mobile games. He recently completed a round of financing, and found 7 angel investors. But looking back on the financing experience, it wasn’t easy. He had cold-shoulder treatment, do not know how to introduce your company to investors.

, CEO, a start-up company, is seeing the progress of a project in the suburbs of Chengdu this Christmas night, and it’s midnight. This evening, more than 2000 kilometers away, Beijing’s garage coffee can hold more than 130 stations, and a group of young people are still working hard. These young people do not have the concept of "working overtime", nor are they being urged by their bosses. They are their own bosses".

but I was wrong.

young entrepreneurs "niujin"

I found potential investors in some unusual situations: job interviews, swimming, swimming, and even sending my daughter to kindergarten. Sometimes, when the VC introduced me to an angel, I found that I had met him before, but I didn’t know he was an angel investor at the time.


original title: 2014: China grassroots entrepreneurship era coming,

this year, Li Hui and countless entrepreneurs feel a change, it is a growing entrepreneurial atmosphere, which is a ubiquitous call for young people.

"fearless" and the "strong" young entrepreneurs is China need. "China has to rely on the new stage of innovation driven development, and its thirst for innovation has never been more urgent," said Bai Yan, deputy director of the Economic Bureau of the CPC Central Committee’s policy research office.

Song Dandan sarawut brokered son and daughter

hit variety show "in the mood" season second sister very favorite show, Song Dandan, the misfits, a "son" and "daughter", to the audience "mindless" self closing.


last week "in the mood" sister, Henry and Jin Chen "mindless" combination of adorable temperament by the users alike, and this week, in the "match little mother" Song Dandan, Henry and Jiang Yan are Yuanyang spectrum. Will the Henry be allowed to launch a "love" offensive against Jiang Yan? The breaking up of "mindless" combination can also came back? Become suspense.

has been unhappy with Henry Song Dandan, under Henry weeks of effort, finally recognized by Song Dandan. And the mother in law to see her son-in-law, the more the more pleasing to the eye, the more you look at the more lovely Henry Song Dandan, suddenly a heart, determined to this dry son rationing dry daughter Jiang Yan do his son-in-law".



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How to open a new shoe shop

in our life, the shoe can be said to be very common, at the same time, there are a lot of people will start look to the shoe industry, especially some shoes, because in every season, women need to buy shoes.

1.18-30 year old MM like shoes shoes is the main reason to look at style, and then look at the price and brand. Especially the summer shoes, mostly spend 100-350 yuan price, as long as see their love style, reasonable price will buy, from spring to autumn season will at least buy single 4 pairs of leather shoes and sandals (I am). So the shoes must ensure that the new style shoes, cheap. There is no need to spend a lot of money into the first line of the brand goods, fashion shoes are worn only a season.

2. shop address can be placed in a good shopping mall such as Hualian, you can also rent a storefront in the Commercial Street (women’s street, East Fourth). I choose at the university next to open the shop about 30 square meters, every four days into a cargo, every 3000-5000 yuan, not too much, a little more style.

3.  to observe the shop girl’s foot and foot wear, different types of wearing different shoes do not feel the same, as they recommended for their feet and really suitable for collocation of shoes, of course the price should be a bargain.

4.  purchase problems: shop in the decoration, the search for the source of. Generally choose to purchase in the provincial capital of the 2 extremely wholesale market. How to open a female shoe store? I do not advocate the novice to open a female shoe store, such as Guangzhou, Wenzhou and other places of origin, because there will be too much freight costs, uneconomical. When you purchase, look, ask, than moving, try, also, to observe, to each commodity, each carefully, ask the price, see which is cheaper, the quality which is more solid, hands curled shoes root, put on foot 44, he also has a few blocks money. If you want to know that you have money to buy the goods, there is any problem unsalable, then your money is there. The goods placed, i.e.distribution. Goods shelves, how to put more flavor, you can better reflect the female shoe grade? You can according to the various aspects of type, type, type, fabric shoes, it can swing, swing, swing clockwise, inverted pendulum, in according to the overall style of your shop to design suitable for you distribution to.

open when the female shoe shop need to do first to prepare a series of market positioning, which contains a target population, at the same time there is a problem of the source, and a part of a good shop address is crucial.


How can we find a good entry

find a satisfactory join the project, I believe is a lot of entrepreneurs who have the most headaches. Only from the size of the investment, the number of stores, such as the number of the surface is difficult to judge a project. In fact, entrepreneurs should be from the two aspects of the project’s profit model and franchise system to investigate.

first, with the intention to join the project, the best first secretly visits. The project to the store to the consumer, to the identity of the customer and the owner or the clerk to chat, and estimate the daily turnover, analysis of customer groups, time consumption and so on; investigation after a period of time, to see whether the results of investigation and the headquarter introduced the contents of the match, in order to determine the attitude of honesty of parties. Not to cooperate with leader integrity.

if the project is not yet opened stores, or the first shop a year not to, you can’t ignore it.

this study is the best way to go to an organized training, and then prepare a lot of problems to the difficulties they see, whether they are fully prepared to join the project.

The so-called

to join the project

join is independent shop, in the purchase and have certain advantages on selected goods, and brand publicity and promotion support, let many people choose the first shop shop franchise. In fact, also need to join the demanding, franchisee selection is very important, if not a good choice, efforts will work not completed. The following directions

Tea ice cream money – all station agent

has a new ice cream to join the project, is always very business opportunities. How do you choose to join the ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the success of entrepreneurship! If you join the ice cream tea station project, is also very exciting, hurry up action!

ice cream ice cream is also a Hot pot to eat, but this is able to attract a large number of diners eat ice cream, many investors are more concerned about the ice cream, Hot pot project to make money it, now in the investment market, only innovation can dominate the market, while the traditional ice cream is already unable to meet the current consumers.

of course many investors also spotted ice cream Hot pot market, making money in numerous projects in the brand of ice cream Hot pot project? Whether the money still have to see what the project is, take the tea ice cream station, the taste of the product can be freely collocation according to individual allocation, random choice for their own taste, business is relatively simple, where popularity can where business.

station tea ice cream can Western fast-food restaurants, entertainment venues, tourist attractions, sports stadiums, amusement center, station pier, bustling streets and other production operation, as long as there are people, are allowed to do business area, of course, is also on the small tea ice cream, ice cream Hot pot have a project to make money a better explanation, and the shop are not obstacles, easily grasp the wealth.

fresh ice cream brand to join the project choice, is the best choice for our successful business. Easy to learn fast start, successful venture worthy of trust. How to join the ice cream? Small business optimization! So, are you ready to invest in the ice cream?